10 Things You Should Never Avoid If You Want To Be A JavaScript Pro

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JavaScript, as we all know, is the highly valuable language for all the web developers or front-end-developers. It is essential as it adds on to the dynamic behavior of the website. Now with the advancement in the world of web development, only HTML and CSS coded websites are very either not accepted or are very less acceptable.

This is because this scripting language has too much to offer from beginner to professionals and to learn it like a pro joining JavaScript course is highly recommended. There are many tasks or events which could be achieved by just a few lines of code in JAVASCRIPT. Though it has a loose structure which makes the code fragile and unstructured.

10 Things You Should Never Avoid To Be A JavaScript Pro

Now here I am going to discuss 10 things that you should never avoid if you want to be a JavaScript Pro:

1. Control Flow

It is one of the vital topics under JavaScript. If you don’t know how to deal with the control statements then mate you are going to have a tough time while working with this particular language.

You should know the following control statements:

  • if-else
  • switch
  • for

2. Exception Handling or Error Handling

You must know that how you should catch an error and display it to the user. It does not matter whether you are a front-end-developer or back-end-developer. You may find these in control. error log or control.log.

3. Be Careful while using operators

You need to be careful while you are using a type of which is a unary operator which is used to return a string value.

Then one should know the proper use of constructors as this internal property could be overridden.

4. Knowledge of Architecture

It is very important to have complete knowledge of the architecture of the JavaScript code. This will seriously make even your complex tasks easy and hence makes you a pro in JavaScript.

5. Database Models

Till is very important to know whether there is a need to group-specific information pieces at a particular place or they are good to go separately. This applies to not only data models but also to objects and variables.

6. Knowing about DOM Manipulation

Knowledge of DOM is very important if you are working intensively with JavaScript. It is a must-know feature for especially those who are working in front-end. I focusing on this feature as it is avoided by many JavaScript coders as they skip this a directly shift to jQuery. But according to me, it is very crucial to know about DOM elements as it will help you in knowing the functionality of your website in a better way.

7. Good to know Node

It is good to have basic knowledge of Node as this will help you to read the server files and when you will go deep into JavaScript it will eventually help to do internal changes and then you can build anything of your own in it.

8. Use of functions

It would be great if you know how to use functions in each and every possible manner. There are even external libraries which help in getting deep into the functions in JAVASCRIPT. Though many vital functions have been added into the JavaScript specifications only now.

9. Process use of Regular Expressions

It would be a bonus in your knowledge of JavaScript language if you know that how to use Regular Expressions properly. Some coders find this part very confusing but giving your dedicated time will surely make it simple for you and help in becoming a pro.

10. Testing

Testing is a crucial part of any programmer’s life and JavaScript testing is not an excluded one.


I am sure reading this blog and knowing all the about mentioned things in depth will make you a JavaScript pro. Also, if you are looking for a helping hand then ADMEC Multimedia Institute is there at your service. We are considered as the best JavaScript training institute in Delhi as we have extensive JavaScript Courses such as JavaScript Master Plus and JavaScript Master Plus+. If you want to know about our courses in detail feel free to visit us or contact us on 9811-818-122 or 9911-782-350.

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