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Today, here we will discuss about the important facts or you can say points that should be considered as important while we are working with JavaScript which I’ve learned in the JavaScript classes, hope these will be valuable for you also.

Well there is no doubt in calling JavaScript the most essential programming language for any web developer. The days has gone for little HTML and CSS and the time has come for JavaScript to accomplished any complex task with a few lines of code. So here are some points that should be kept in mind for becoming a successful web developer:

Points to Remember to Become a Successful JavaScript Developer

1. Knowledge of HTML and CSS

HTML is the basic building block we need for developing any web page or web site. One can easily create notes in a digital document with this markup language. Now it’s time for CSS which is used to extant the document formed with HTML. With this style sheet language, we can create the page’s colour, layout, fonts and the style. Go through our course to explore in depth: HTML5 & CSS Master.

2. JavaScript and jQuery

JavaScript is another major tool available in the toolbox of a developer. Comparable to JavaScript, HTML and CSS are the markup and style sheet languages. HTML and CSS both languages determine the presentation of our web page, and JavaScript which is a high level construed programming language determines the function. This means we must have the central knowledge of the language features which are accomplished in most of the browsers. We should know our basic language attributes like error handling (throw/try/catch), if/else, string manipulation with its methods, array manipulation and its methods, and work of variable scope in JavaScript. All you have to do is, to understand all these core (basic) features of JavaScript to have a strong command on the language. Know about the available courses in JavaScript: JavaScript Master course.

3. Proficiency with the Functions of JavaScript

We know that the function of JavaScript is to determine the function because functions are the core of the JavaScript, one can use them fluently. Using functions means understanding their scope, closures, and how this works, knowing how to process arrays with functions using their methods and knowing the difference between the normal function and the arrow function. If you want to go through in depth I can suggest you a good resource and is “w3schools” or checkout another blog on functions in JavaScript here you can explore your knowledge.

4. Knowledge of CSS and JavaScript Framework

The framework of JavaScript and CSS is the collection of CSS or JS files that do a lot of work for us. To make things more interesting we can use frameworks together, framework has both strengths and weakness but it’s up to you which framework you choose for building your website. JavaScript framework is good for making complex user interfaces. Same as there is another common pair of Bootstrap with AngularJS where the content is handled by Angular and the look & feel is handled by Bootstrap.

5. Responsive Design is Need of Time

Today we are using many devices: computers, phones and tablets to look at the web pages. While doing this you will notice one thing that how these pages are adjusted themselves on these devices as we are not doing anything on our end? This is all done with the help of Responsive Designs. For becoming a successful developer we should understand the responsive design principles and their implementation on coding side is the key to front end development.

6.Testing/Debugging is Mandatory

It’s quite essential to have knowledge of debugging to keep things moving on we need to test the code and debug them along the way. There are two different testing methods, first one is Functional Testing and it tests the particular piece of functionality and the Unit Testing is the another which tests the smallest bit of code that’s responsible for one thing on our site and examines it properly for best code.

7. Hoisting is Important

In JavaScript Hoisting is the default behaviour which means the variables can be used before the declaration at the top. As we all are aware that a variable can be used only after it has been declared. But in JavaScript it is the default behaviour of moving all the declarations at the top of the current script. For a successful developer these points should be considered to avoid errors. We will have to understand one more term here that JavaScript only hoists the declarations not the initializations.

8. Code Using ‘Use Strict’

Strict mode is the best thing to be done in JavaScript for better error checking into the code. We can use strict mode by declaring “Use Strict” at the top of the program or function. This declaration can also be known as Directive Prologue. The scope of the Strict mode depends upon its declaration because if it is declared on the top of the program/script then the whole script will be coded in strict mode but if the Strict Mode is declared within the function then all the code within the function will be in strict mode and its scope will be only in that function and the variable declared outside the function will cause the syntax error because the strict mode doesn’t allow the variable to be declared outside the function where it is used.

9. AJAX is Compulsory

By using Ajax, we can selectively modify a part of the page which is displayed by the browser and update it without reloading the whole page, document with all images, menus etc. Ajax is a set if technologies which are supported by a web browser. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is not a programming language. It uses the combination of a browser built-in XMLHttpRequest Object and JavaScript and HTML DOM. Ajax allows web pages to update asynchronously by exchanging data with a web server in the background without reloading the whole page.

10. Regular Expressions are Must

When we search any data in the text, we can use search pattern to describe what we are searching for. It is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern. It can be a single character or more. Also, it can be used for performing all types of text search and text replace operations.

After reading all the above-mentioned points, it is time to work on these points and to get a professional experience it’s always advisable to join a professional JavaScript training institute. Remember, just gaining knowledge is not enough until the time it is not applied in the real world. For better performance one should practice a lot.

Written by Ankita Saini

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