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Graduation Not Required
04 Months
Training Type
Classroom, Online

First time in the history of JavaScript, ADMEC is launching a most comprehensive course on JavaScript. We assure you to be a vanilla JavaScript developer after the successful completion of this course.

JavaScript Master Plus+ is a 4 months (2 months when fast-track) highly advanced JavaScript course is specially prepared for pro UI developers. It also includes few important technologies which empower JavaScript language for building interactive user interfaces for websites and web apps.

This course is divided into 3 parts to make it more productive i.e. core, advanced, and other technologies. Few topics are debugging, advanced functions, DOM manipulation, events, object oriented & functional JavaScript, ES6+ features, Design Patterns, Ajax, Lodash, template engines, RxJS, authentication, route protection etc…

  • Training from 20+ years Industry Expert
  • Comprehensive and Detailed Learning
  • Learn According to UI Development Industry Needs
  • Industry Oriented Projects

Tools and Technologies


Technologies Covered
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • AJAX
  • TypeScript
  • Google Firebase
  • Lodash
  • Mustache
  • EJS
  • Handlebars
  • npm
  • Rxjs
Key Takeaways
  • Core JavaScript Concepts
    • Role of JavaScript
    • JavaScript Integration
    • Functional Programming
    • Popups, Variables, and Functions 
    • Data Types in JavaScript
    • The Math, String, Number, and Boolean Objects
    • Events and their Architecture
    • Control Structures & Exception Handling
    • Conditionals and Loops
    • Expressions and Statements
    • JavaScript Operators
    • Local Storage and Session Storage
    • Document Object Model (DOM)
    • Browser Object Model (BOM)
    • Ajax & JSON etc.
  • Advanced JavaScript
    • Shallow and Deep Copy
    • Advanced Functions in JavaScript
      • Arrow Function
      • Callback Functions
      • Bind()
      • Currying
      • Chaining
    • Important ES6 Features
      • Modules
      • let, const, var
      • Spread Syntax
      • Rest Parameters
      • Getter and Setter
      • Class Keyword
      • Template Literals
      • Key/property & Method Definition Shorthand
      • Destructuring
      • Cookies and Storage
    • Ajax
    • JSON
    • Object-oriented JavaScript (OOJS)
      • Prototypal Inheritance
      • Built-in Prototypes
      • Functional Inheritance
      • Literal Inheritance
      • Closures
      • Class Abstractions
      • Name-spacing
      • Encapsulation
      • Object object
    • Asynchronous Execution and Timers
      • Callback
      • Promises
      • Await
      • Async
    • JavaScript Design Patterns
      • OO Design Patterns
      • JavaScript-specific Coding Patterns
        • Singleton Pattern
        • Module Pattern
        • Revealing Module Pattern
        • Factory Pattern
      • Anti-patterns
      • Object Creation Patterns
      • Code Reuse Patterns
    • JavaScript Code Compression
    • JavaScript Loading Strategies
      • async
      • defer
      • DOM Events
    • Dependency Management
    • JavaScript Security
    • Assignments
  • Other Technologies
    • TypeScript Overview
    • Lodash
    • Templating Engines
      • Introduction
      • Popular JavaScript Templating Engines
        • mustache.js
        • Handlebars.js
        • Embedded JS Templates (EJS)
    • Node Package Manager (npm) setup
    • Rxjs- (Observable and Observer)
    • Working with REST API
    • Firebase Realtime Database with JavaScript
      • Firebase CRUD
      • Authentication or Login System
      • Route Protection
    • Webpack – Bundling JavaScript Like a Pro
    • Testing JavaScript Code
      • Unit Tests
      • Integration Tests
      • End-to-End (E2E) Tests

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Training in this most advanced JavaScript course at ADMEC Multimedia Institute is bestowed by experienced JavaScript professionals having rich industry experience. Faculty over here are not only emphasizing on clearing theoretical concepts in JavaScript but also they believe in giving refined practical JavaScript training using various third party libraries and end points.

Training of basic JavaScript is common but advanced JavaScript training in real is rare. Check out the Other Technologies section in key takeaways above if you skipped, I’m sure you will be amazed. Such content is rare in anywhere in the world, all the credit goes to our faculty members.

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Entry requirements

Candidate desirous of seeking enrollment in this Most Advanced JavaScript Course must have sound knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Knowledge of JavaScript or any other programming language is not essential to join this course at all.

Who can join this course

These programs will allow you to extremely high level JavaScript skills, learn what are some requirements to join this most in-demand certificate course.

Anyone who have passion to become master of JavaScript

If you have good amount of knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Anyone who wants to know all the nuts and bolts of JavaScript from scratch to most advanced level

Career opportunities

This program will make you a versatile JavaScript Developer as it covers various technologies related to it too. You can work under these profiles after completing the program.

Vanilla JavaScript Developer, JavaScript Programmer etc.

Course structure and modules

The course of JavaScript is well organized with detailed explanation. This will help students in learning in-depth concepts efficiently.

Through this course, students will explore various techniques, right from script setup to advanced DOM and manipulation of HTML and CSS using JavaScript programming. We will also cover Object Oriented JavaScript or OOJS along with practical examples under this module. The course will briefly discuss the role of JavaScript in the web designing and application development industry.

After core JavaScript, we will cover few most advanced topics as mentioned above in key take aways in the most comprehensive manner.

Learning outcomes

Once you complete the program, you will be efficient in these concepts specially.

  • App development using REST API/ end point
  • App with Route Protection, Security and Guards

Apart from it you will be good in these too:

  • JavaScript Form Validation
  • Navigation Development
  • E-learning Applications
  • AJAX Based Applications
  • Slideshows in JavaScript
  • Image Galleries in JavaScript
  • Fancy Pop-up Windows
  • Theme Changer Using LocalStorage
  • Accordion, Tabbed Panel, and Go To Top
  • Shopping Cart

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