Know Our Rules

Know Our Rules


Our multimedia training institute’s courses get updated periodically and any new content added to the course might not be available to you. The given duration for each course is tentative and is likely to change.


Punch the attendance card twice while you enter and while you leave. Minimum required attendance is 65% which is used in assessment of the final sessions.

Leave of Absence

You must seek prior approval from admin before taking any leaves and it may be granted after submission of application signed by the guardian. You can email it at


Fee and Fine

  • You have to submit your installments before the due date (i.e. your date of first class every month). Any delay in payment of fees beyond the due date (maximum 2 days after the due date) would result in fine of Rs. 250.
  • If you don't pay for an entire month then either submit previous month's installment along with the current month before the due date or pay Rs. 500 as fine.
  • Your course fee may differ from other students for the same course at same time due to various reasons so please don't raise any issue related to fee.
  • Institute has all the rights to stop your course in the case of non-payment of installments in continuation for few months.
  • Fee is completely non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-adjustable in any case.

Certificate/ Diploma Issue Policy

  • Students will have to submit their ID cards, clear their dues and tests before collecting their certificates.
  • We issue diplomas/ certificates on every Saturdays only.
  • Submit your ID cards at least 7 days in advance to get your certificate/ diploma.
  • In case of incomplete course or evaluation institute will not issue certificate or diploma to you at any cost.
  • If you want to change your course then talk to our counselor please.

Identity Card

Identity Card will be issued at the time of ‘Registration’. Carrying Identity Card is compulsory in all the special events and lab or else you might not get entry in your classes and lab.

In case loss of the Identity Card, inform the issuing authority. Rs.250 will be charged for the duplicate copy of I-Card

Our Terms & Conditions and Policies

All above rules are subject to change anytime without any prior information by ADMEC Multimedia Institute and institute reserves all the rights.

All the disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

Important Rules

Conduct Rules

Your guardian will be informed in case of any violent, indecent, threatening or offensive behavior against anyone in the institute

Your phones, tablets etc needs to be on silent mode

We have 2 WhatsApp groups so you are advised to get your and your guardian number registered in them

Listening to music, use of earphone/ hands-free is not allowed

Don’t share any irrelevant message in these groups to avoid any strict action against you

Tests and Projects

Submission of Projects and Tests are mandatory for everyone

You are advised to take the test and submit your projects after the completion of Software/ Languages on or before given submission date as per your faculty guidance

Missing any of the ones will result in fine and upto Rs.500 will be charged separately for both

If you don’t submit your project for a long time without any written information then project will be suspended automatically

Tests are usually conducted on Sundays. For any doubts, you are advised to talk to your assessment co-ordinator, or our counselor, or your instructor
You can read more about our Assessment/ Evaluation procedure here.

Institute offers a grade on your certificate or diploma for which you are enrolled with us. Please check the our grading system.

Lab Rules

Computers, Fan, AC etc. should be accessed with only prior permission from the lab in-charge

All computers should be used for Projects and Practice session only

Installation and downloading of any software is strictly prohibited

Maintain the decorum in labs and accessing social networking sites and entertainment sites are prohibited

Having meals, chewing gums etc are not allowed in lab

Talking on the phone is prohibited in labs and classrooms

You can’t unplug any of the computer accessories without the prior permission from lab incharge.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Involvement in all extra-curricular activities (workshop, special classes, competitions, quizzes, outdoor sessions) is recommended and can upgrade your grades

After undertaking a responsibility in any of the activity you can’t leave it at any cost

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