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Meet The Counselor

Intervening ‘Inspiration and Innovation’ for every creative.

There are a bunch of training institutes & each of them claims to be the best in the city. Staying true to the point, we totally agree that every institute is innovative in its own way.

While we address this, you must be thinking what sets us apart? We would like to welcome you and experience the vibe of our Institute and explore how we intervene Inspiration and Innovation’ for every creative while taking the visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to visit the institute, is there any special procedure or appointment that we have to make ?

We are always here to welcome you. There is no such special appointment that is to be made. All you need to do is to fill out a form so that we can have a little information about your queries. With this it will be easier for us to schedule your meeting with our faculty to provide you with detailed information about the industry.

Do we have to pay any charges for counselling sessions?

No, Absolutely not! We do not charge anything for counselling sessions. We consider it as our integral duty to make students choose a right career path for them. We have an experienced counselor to whom you can ask your queries during your visit.

Is the session one-on-one or there will be some other students too?

Every student comes to us with a different set of questions and queries. We solve their queries on a personal level by interacting with them on a one-to-one basis and help them to know more about the digital field they are interested in.

Can I get a demo class just after the counselling session, i.e on the very same day ?

Our faculty has a proper schedule in which they take their respective classes. We need to manage those sessions or make an adjustment in their schedules to avoid any loss. Once you are satisfied with the session and decide your course, we will arrange a demo session for you in the next 1-2 working days.

You can take demo class in both – Online and Classroom mode. (Mention your preferred mode beforehand)

If somebody would like to assist me in the session like my father or mother, can they also attend?

We totally understand the importance of parent’s interaction and the vital role they play in guiding and assisting their child. You can attend the session with your parents or any local guardian.

The Interactive Desk

-A commitment to each other

We understand the importance of parent’s interaction with the institute and consider it one of the vital elements in the admission of students. For students, parents or any other person who wants to get a clear idea of our courses, training structure, mode and other queries, we have a dedicated interactive desk to give answers to all your queries.

Meet the Mentor

-The caring community to guide them

Mentors have an indelible impact on the training of students. With a strict curriculum, frequent projects and plenty of theoretical aspects, it is not usual for students to feel calm, relaxed and overwhelmed. At these times, having a mentor who can motivate you is a real boost for your confidence. Visit our centre and personally meet our training faculty to know how they help students to reach their potential through their inner curiosity, innovation and inquiry.

Unity, not Uniformity

-Enjoy Togetherness without being the same

ADMEC creates a welcoming environment for all making it easy for everyone to understand that even if you are different, you are part of us. We welcome students from all over the world to study and grow in our rich environment. When you visit our institute, you’ll experience how students interact with people of different backgrounds and learn about their culture. This interaction will lead to the holistic development of the student.

Institute Visit Time

We are open on:

  • Monday – Saturday from 8am to 8pm
  • All Sundays from 10am to 04pm

We are closed on 1st and 3rd Sunday and all major holidays.

ADMEC’s Admissions Center

C9/15 Sector 7, Rohini
3rd Floor, Delhi 110 085

P: +91-9811-8181-22, 9911-7823-50

Experience the true vibe

If you want to experience the true vibe of our institute, fill out this form to schedule a visit to the institute.

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