Assessment Procedure

ADMEC Multimedia Institute believes in evaluating the performance of the students pursuing different courses in graphic design, web, video editing, CAD, multimedia, etc. from every aspect. Students’ performance is evaluated on the basis of the following factors- its academics performance, dedication, enthusiasm, attendance, classroom projects, report file and practices.

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Evaluation structure

With the completion of each software, students are required to complete all the classroom projects and final project report and submit it to the concerned authority. These classroom projects add an important segment to your overall performance of the course. Please keep these things in mind while working on projects.

  • Practical assessments are rigorously scrutinized by the institute faculty.
  • Students are awarded marks on the basis of their attendance, conduct & behavior, classroom projects, and final project report submission
  • Delay in submission of classroom projects and report file on the given date or not submitting any projects at all will result in a fine of Rs.500/-
  • Project submission is strictly mandatory for all the candidates else we will not issue any certificate or diploma to him or her

Marking Scheme and Grading

We as a responsible multimedia training institute feel that as technology is advancing, new forms of teaching, guiding and other features should also be improved. This is why ADMEC is using a grading system in order to judge a student’s capability and knowledge. These will decide how well a candidate has performed in the tasks and assessments given to them during his or her course training. Any student taking diploma courses are subject to the grading scales and the grades will appear on their diploma as well.

Performance Report

“Assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning”

To make our training effective, we opt for a comprehensive teaching methodology. To determine how well our students are performing, we offer a systematic report structure so that they can assess themselves. These reports are not only beneficial to monitor the status of students but will also be helpful in improving their overall performance for the future. 

Evaluation Process
Grading System
Test Marks
Classroom Projects + File 25+45 = 70
Content writing 10
Conduct 10
Attendance 10
Total 100


Note : 7-15 days will be given to complete the project

Grade Scale Remarks
A++ 91-100% Outstanding
A+ 81-90% Excellent
A 61-80% Very Good
B 51-60% Above Average
C 35-50% Average


Note : Grades will be calculated on the basis of a student’s overall performance in Attendance, Project Work, Design and Quiz Events, Art and Sketching Classes, Workshops and Outdoor Sessions

Facilitating the concept of overall development, we organise various events and activities for 360 degree development of our students.

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