JavaScript Training in Rohini offers Advanced JavaScript Course in Rohini.

JavaScript Master Plus Course

Graduation Not Required
03 Months
Training Type
Classroom, Online

JavaScript Master Plus is a 3 months (1½ month when fast-track) advanced JavaScript course in Rohini is meant for UI development professionals. It includes advanced level programming with JavaScript language for building interactive user interfaces or UI web pages and web apps.

The advanced and practical JavaScript course

Overview of advanced JavaScript course in Rohini

JavaScript Master Plus is an advanced JavaScript course in Rohini is designed for UI development professionals enthusiastic. The JavaScript training in Rohini includes advanced level programming with JavaScript language for building interactive user interfaces or UI web pages and web apps.

This 3 months intense course will train web designers and UI developers for the use of JavaScript. It also focus on related debugging tools in the browsers, advanced functions, DOM manipulation, events, Object Oriented JavaScript, JavaScript Design Patterns, Ajax, JSON etc.

Why our JavaScript training in Rohini is best?

Moreover students will expose themselves to composite parts of this language following with an intense discussion on various real-world applications with our JavaScript training in Rohini.

  • Training from hardcore JavaScript experts
  • Comprehensive JavaScript training procedure
  • Industry oriented course structure
  • Online advanced JavaScript course


 Language Covered Key Takeaways
  • JavaScript
  • JSON Format

Core Language Reference

  • JavaScript Introduction
  • Popups in JavaScript
  • Functional Programming
  • Variables, Functions, and Scopes
  • Data Types in JavaScript
  • Math, Number, and Boolean Objects
  • Functions
    • Parameters
    • return with Functions
    • Default Values
    • arguments Object
  • Control Structures
  • Exception Handling
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Expressions and Statements
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Literals in JavaScript
    • Array Literal
    • Object Literal
    • String Object
  • Date Object
  • Timings Methods
Document Object Reference
  • Document Object Model Essentials
  • Generic HTML Element Objects
  • Location & History Objects
  • The Document & Body Objects
  • Image, Form, Button, and Event Object
  • Style Sheet & Style Objects
  • Debugging

Advanced JavaScript

  • Shallow and Deep Copy
  • Advanced Functions in JavaScript
    • Arrow Function
    • Callback Functions
    • Bind()
    • Currying
    • Chaining
  • Modules of ES6
  • Typed Array
  • Set and Map
  • Cookies and Storage
  • Important Features
    • Spread Syntax
    • Rest Parameters
    • Getter and Setter
  • Ajax
  • JSON
  • Object-oriented JavaScript (OOJS)
    • Prototypal Inheritance
    • Built-in Prototypes
    • Functional Inheritance
    • Closures
    • Encapsulation
  • Asynchronous Execution and Timers
    • Promises
    • Await
    • Sync
  • Design Patterns in JavaScript
  • Code Compression in JavaScript
  • Loading Strategies
  • Dependency Management of JavaScript
  • JavaScript Security
  • Assignments

Finding a good institute for JavaScript training is a tough job. Therefore, to solve this problem ADMEC Multimedia Institute presents JavaScript Master Course, a very unique and advanced JavaScript course for web designers. We are one of the best advanced JavaScript training institutes in Delhi.

This JavaScript course in our institute is especially prepared for web designers and UI developers who want to do an advanced and professional level training in web scripting using advanced JavaScript’s procedural and object oriented (OOJS) approaches.

We have one of the most experienced and dedicated JavaScript faculty members who are directly from the web designing and UI development industry.

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Advanced JavaScript course entry requirements

Candidate desirous of seeking enrollment in advance JavaScript course must have sound knowledge of HTML and CSS. Knowledge of JavaScript or any other programming language is not essential to join this course.

Who can join this advanced JavaScript course

  • Anyone who has passion to become master of JavaScript in UI development areas of web pages and web applications.
  • If you have good amount of knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Someone who wants to know all the nuts and bolts of Object Oriented JavaScript or OOJS and Design Patterns too along with all the basics of JavaScript.
  • If you want to know the coding secrets of today’s most popular frameworks and libraries of JavaScript.

Course structure and modules

The advanced JavaScript course is well organized with detailed explanation. This will help students in learning in-depth concepts efficiently.

Module 1 – Core JavaScript:

This module, covers core JavaScript including fundamentals of it with various topics as mentioned in key takeaways above. Purpose of this module is to explore all the basics of JavaScript.

Module 2 – Advanced JavaScript:

Here all the heavy lifting goes. This module covers all advanced concepts and topics of this course like:

  • ES6 Features
  • Advanced Functions
  • API Integration in JavaScript
  • Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS) Fundamentals
  • Document Object Reference
  • Projects and Tests

Learning outcomes

Once you complete the program, you will be efficient in these concepts

  • JavaScript Form Validation
  • Navigation Development
  • E-learning Applications
  • Ajaxing
  • Slideshows and Image Galleries
  • Fancy Pop-up Windows
  • Theme Changer
  • Accordion, Tabbed Panel, Go To Top features in pure JavaScript
  • Shopping Cart etc.

Career opportunities after JavaScript training

This JavaScript training will make you a JavaScript Professional. You can work under these profiles after completing the program.

JavaScript Programmer, JavaScript Developer, DHTML Expert, Ajax Developer, JSON Expert, OOJS Professional etc.

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Learning Outcomes

ADMEC pays special attention to student outcomes and has a commitment to transparency. Unlike most academies, we actually explain how things are done and forwarded.


100% hiring rate

100% of ADMEC graduates looking for a job get it within 3 months max after successfully finishing the course.

A job in 30 days

More than two-thirds of our students go on for a satisfying job offer in less than 30 days after training completion.

Higher salary

ADMEC students get salaries that are +25% higher than the industry average for any position in India and abroad.

A professional is incomplete without a strong portfolio. With lifetime placement assistance, we will take care of your resume & portfolio development too.

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We want to show you few best gains of our institute as a provider of advanced JavaScript course in Rohini. Please check:

Years Experience
Selected and trained to be the best teachers


  • Deepak Bhadauria

    Animator and Post Production Artist
  • Nishu Tomar

    Multimedia Professional
  • Ravi Bhadauria

    Design Advocate and Programmer
  • Promila Dhanderwal

    Art Director and Sketching Artist
  • Radha Sengar

    Graphic & Digital Marketing Expert


  • Admec provides the best facilities and teachers for learning. It also provides you good career opportunities. Practical training at Admec is very interesting and knowledgeable. Admec also provides you additional training, such as fine arts classes, where you can improve your sketching skills.

    Rahul Sharma
    Multimedia Associate - (Ernst & Young)
  • This is my first time taking online classes at ADMEC and I was quite impressed with the entire process. All the faculties at the institute are excellent. Mr. Ravi Bhadauria and Deepak Bhadauria are incredibly knowledgeable, work at good pace, are kind and patient, and good at communicating 1:1 with the student. I would definitely recommend ADMEC to others and I hope to have the opportunity to enroll in more training session classes with ADMEC. Thank you for your excellent service!

    Nishi Agrawal
    UI UX Designer - (Cognizant)
  • I had a wonderful experience at ADMEC, I always wanted to be a graphic designer and ADMEC was my first step towards achieving that goal. I am absolutely grateful to the supportive faculty, for teaching me not only the basics of designing but also the principles with utmost sincerity and precise guidance.

    Nida Khaldy
    Graphic Designer - (POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)


If making a decision is not easy for you. Here we cover the most frequently asked questions about our program. Feel free to get in touch if you can’t find yours.

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Our advanced JavaScript course is quite popular in online and offline modes, so our JavaScript training in Rohini, Delhi too. We welcome all the queries from you.

  Our timings

8am – 8pm (Mon – Sat)
10am – 4pm (Sunday)

Note: 1st and 3rd Sunday Closed


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