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There is no doubt the Software Development plays a vital role in assisting the world approach Digitization. So, at the same point backend languages such as Python and PHP hold a critical position. The database is needed by each and every company for storage. This demand makes the backend developers demand too high in IT sector. Not only this a hefty amount of salary is also offered to the experienced backend developers.

Knowing all these facts must have ignited an argue to know more about the most wanted backend languages i.e. PHP and Python, that which one is good for your career?

Let’s know about them!!!

Introduction to PHP

This language also known as Hypertext Pre-processor is an open-source server-side language used worldwide. It is platform-independent which makes it a desirable language for coders. Not only this, it supports various kinds of databases. With the invent of the latest version of the language i.e., PHP 7. It has given a different edge to the language. Now, it has become stricter. Also, new operators have been added to this version and error handling process has also improved. To learn each and every core concept pursuing PHP courses is required a lot.

Go through the New Features of PHP7 to know more.

Introduction to Python

It is again a server-side language which is available for free and used to design various kind of web applications. Dynamic typing is used in this language. Not only this, it supports different paradigms such as Object-Oriented Programming, structured programming, and sometimes functional programming as well. It is language uses a significant amount of white-space. The story of python doesn’t end here, this language is used in various fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, etc. Its future is actually bright and you can get most of it by pursuing Python courses from experts.

Which is a better language for Career PHP or Python

To get the answer to this question to let’s see which language gets more positive reviews for the below-mentioned parameters:
1. Which one is easy to learn:

With no second thoughts here, Python wins over PHP. Since Python is so easy to learn that some use this language to guide the basics of programming language. It can be easily understood by anyone when taught the right way. PHP, on the contrary, can be quite difficult to understand for naive. Since it is a lot complex as compared to python.

2. Which one has more supporters?

Both languages are high in demand. There are huge supporters of both languages. It’s been a long-time PHP is in the market and doing great, not only this it is the Facebook’s primary backend language too. Though Python came to notice when Google started using it.

But still both of them have huge supporters, so here both the languages won.

3. Study Material

Both the languages PHP and Python have a lot of material available on their official websites. Not only this, there are many forums, books, blogs, videos and online tutorials which are available to solve the issues and to know about the languages.

So, here as well there is no clear-cut winner.

4. Price

People say valuable things are not available for free. But this is not the case with these two backend languages. Both the languages are free and open source. Hurry!!! They both won here completely.

5. Speed

Nowadays everyone wants the results in even less than seconds. So, speed factor plays a vital role. Between the two languages, PHP 7 is faster than Python. It’s actually 3 times faster. Which means a lot when dealing with the applications? As this parameter is all that matters for the technical as well as non-technical workers because anyhow everyone is using applications. So, herewith no doubt our general-purpose language wins.

So, considering all the above parameters it is clear that both the languages, PHP and Python equally play their roles in the world of technology. That is why their huge number of job opportunities for both languages.


PHP and Python, both are ruling the IT industry. So, you choose any language but bring the expertise in it to make a career in any of the two languages. To achieve perfection there is a need of best PHP training institute as well as Python training instituteADMEC Multimedia Institute serves the purpose here. We have amazing set of PHP courses as well as Python courses available for the learners to be it naïve or an intermediate. Go for them and choose your course to pursue a bright career.

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