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As per the recent developer’s survey presented by Stack Overflow, JavaScript has been performing very well for last 7 year by hopping on the top position in the row of Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages in both all respondents and professional developers sections. This all shows the popularity and usability of this client-side scripting language. Consequently, making JavaScript the backbone of UI development and web designing.

If we look at the survey report published by Stack Overflow in detail, we found the following data regarding JS:

  • When we talk about most popular programming, scripting, and markup languages, JS is the first choice of 67.8% of all respondents and 69.7% of professional developers.
  • jQuery (a popular library of JS) is still at the top of all popular web frameworks and libraries list.
  • If we look at the category of other frameworks, libraries, and tools, we find Node.js (JavaScript runtime environment) as the most commonly used among the developers.
  • In the category of most wanted language, JavaScript is at the second position that what shows how popular it is.

It is also a point to notice that as per the given survey numbers, Python is the most rapidly growing language today. Its growth can be associated with the growing demand in the field of data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Whether, you look for Node.js, jQuery, Angular, or React, learning JavaScript is highly advisable for you since the mentioned technologies are correlated to it.

A quick tip: For those who are not familiar with the fundamentals of this language, it is highly recommended to check our blog on JavaScript Basics in 5 Minutes.

Some people might think that it has something to do with java but there is nothing like that. It has nothing to do with java. Though its logical basics are same as that of C++. There are 2 ways in which this can be used. First one was developed at Netscape by the name of ECMAScript and the other one is Rhino Engine which is JS that is written in the java language.

Let’s know more about JS and its importance from the perspective of modern UI developers and web designers.

How important is JavaScript for Modern UI Developers?

It is important for modern UI development because no one like a static website now-a-days. Competition is too high. It is the king of web development world as it is the only advanced web development language that runs on the browser.

A common question – Is learning JavaScript still worth?

Yes, of course, undoubtedly JS is worth learning in today’s era. Since, there is not a single website which runs without it. The big brands such as Facebook, Google, etc. are still using this language. Moreover, it is not that difficult language so you can easily go for it.

Let’s take a look at some of the most convincing reasons or benefits of learning JavaScript for UI development and web designing.

What makes JavaScript a backbone of UI development and web designing?

JavaScript is quite rightly an apple of the eyes of UI developers as it plays an important role in the development of robust web pages and application with interactive features.  

While working with JS, most of the developers find 3 interesting things associated to it. These are:

  • It is fully integrated with HTML & CSS.
  • It makes big tasks simple and easy.
  • Most of the major browsers are supporting it.

Do you know? These 3 great things are only comes with JavaScript and that is what makes it a unique browser technology to develop user interfaces. It gives the functionality to any web application or website, simply put, it adds nervous system to the plain UI.

You are not supposed to create only websites and web application using JS. It lets you go beyond that. You can also build different sorts of project using this language such as mobile applications, server applications, games, even presentations.

Let’s take a look at some of other reasons.

1. A corner stone in WordPress Development

Apart from this JavaScript is also playing a big role in WordPress development which is an in-demand CMS at this time. With a good understanding of JavaScript, you can simplify website customization in WordPress where popular JS libraries are most commonly used in themes. Selected commonly used libraries are jQuery, JSON and Backbone.js.

So, it becomes decidedly needed to learn this language if you are planning to get into WordPress development in the future.

2. Work with many different frameworks and libraries

Frameworks and libraries simplify the development process and let you perform your tasks in less time with fewer efforts. For instance, they help you by providing some useful predefined classes and functions.

With these libraries and frameworks, developers can build large-scale JS based webpages and application promptly.

It is highly recommended to possess the basic understanding of different JavaScript frameworks. Some of the popular JavaScript frameworks are:

3. Create responsive as well as accessible website

Having a responsive website has become a need of an hour. Also, there is the need to make website that can be accessed by all, even if someone as some or the other kind of disability. This is why JS is too much in use. Now, one can surf through various browsers be it on mobile or desktop or even tablet. Also, the code is same only the thing is that its CSS changes.

Also, if your website is both responsive as well as accessible then no one can beat the ranking of this site on any search engine.

4. Work with a “safe” programming language

The modern or new generation JavaScript is well-known as a “safe” programming language since it doesn’t responsible for low-level access to CPU. This is because of its cross browser compatibility.

Benefits of In-browser JavaScript

  • It modifies the existing content on HTML page.
  • Js interacts with the user actions, runs on pointer movements, mouse clicks or key presses.
  • In-browser JavaScript sends requests to remote servers, uploads and downloads files using technologies like AJAX and COMET.
  • It shows messages to the visitors of the web page, it asks questions and set cookies.
  • This can also recall the data on the local storage that is client-side

5. Transpile different languages to JS

Modern tools also known as transpilars follow the process of transpilation in which they change the source code into another programming language. This let the developers to easily code in different language.  

Following are some of the common languages which can transpiled to JS:

  • Python: Developer use Brython transpiler for transpiling to JavaScript. This let them write the whole program in Python that can be converted to JS later on.
  • TypeScript:  It is a popular one developed by Microsoft that is capable of developing large applications by adding the strict data typing.
  • Dart: It is a standalone language developed by Google which run in mobile apps (non-browser environments).
  • CoffeeScript:  It is basically used by Ruby developers as it reduces the time spending on the codding by allowing us to go for a precise code. Simply put, it lets developers write shorter syntax.
  • Flow:  Last in the queue is Flow developed by Facebook.

So, these are some languages that are capable of transpiling to JS. There are many more available which can be used for certain features. Once you become a master in JS, and set your goal to full stack development, you are always recommended to look for these languages.

6. Write your JS code without any specific tool

JS allows you to write your code in any standard typing tool like Notepad. Just create your JS file using right format and start adding code into it. Although it is always advisable to install advanced text editors like Sublime, Visual Studio Code, Vim, Light Table, etc. as working in these programs let developers write less code in a smart way.

A quick summary:

  • As per the survey conducted by the Stack Overflow, JavaScript is one of the most wanted and popular programming languages among the developers at global level.
  • In the current scenario, JS has got the top position for its unique cross browser compatibility integration in HTML/CSS.
  • Having JS knowledge can help you a lot in WordPress theme customization and development.
  • Popular programming technologies like Python are tend to get “transpiled” to JavaScript.

With this we have come to a conclusion that it is certainly a tough task to get ready for UI development and web designing without JavaScript skills. So, are you ready to become a JavaScript master?

Becoming its master is not that much tough that you think. It requires the dedicated training that what ADMEC provides you.

Get enrolled you in our JavaScript Master Plus course, an all in one program for UI developers and web designers.

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