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Today is the world where a person can’t live without Android based smartphones as according to a survey approx. 60% are android users in the India. As per the survey by 2019, there will be 18.7 million tablets and 651 million smartphones in India.

Everyone is interested to install and use new and interesting applications in their phones. Everyone has a storm of searching and using new Android applications to do something in an interesting way as many of these apps are free of cost available. And it’s a right time to join any best Institute for Android Development in Delhi to attain the essential skills as per the industry standard.

Recent Indian government also has increased its focus on digitalization by which trend of Android application development is growing rapidly. There are Many training institutes in Delhi which are furnishing numerous Android development courses as the different applications are in demand which is growing in the market after declaration Digital India scheme. It’s like a boom in the industry. That’s the trend of today which were discussed by us.

Now, let us start discussion about the role of PHP in Android development and how we can use PHP in Android development.

An Insight to Android Development

Android is an operating system (stack of software). It provides us to use smart features like touchscreen device, camera etc. It is used in many devices because it is free to use offered by Open Handset Alliance (OHA) whether it is Samsung or Nokia or Vivo or any other company.

Android has a billion users approximately. To make applications for Android, an IDE is available named Android Studio. For Android application development, you must have the knowledge of Java and XML. Java is used for business logic and XML is used for User Interface(UI). Many of libraries are there which makes the development easy.

As you can see that I do not mention PHP in a procedure for Android application development. Yes, you can’t use PHP to create an android application but you can use it to add new features and functionality to your application. Let us discuss that how can we use PHP in Android development.  

Role of PHP in Android Development

Firstly have a look at the description of PHP, it is required if you are not familiar with this scripting language. It is a server-side language which provides us ease to communicate with the server. It is mostly used in the development of websites. It is compatible with all browsers approximately. Learning this language from any renowned PHP development institute would provide you advantage in developing Android apps.

Are you thinking that Java and PHP are similar that’s why we can use it for the betterment of applications? No, It’s not true these languages are completely different from each other. This is the time to remove your suspense that how PHP can be used in Android Development.

When we want that application should communicate with the server or with any website then this language is used to make it possible. In PHP, We can make APIs(Application Program Interface) which are used to provide different functionality and new features to the application. API is basically an interface which allows the connection between different platforms. Attaining PHP training course will assist you in becoming an expert web developer as well as Android app developer.

We can use different APIs to do following:-

  • Android has its own database named SQLite but it is used only when the user of that application is not required to communicate with other users through that application so we can use APIs to store the data online instead of a local database. For providing the same and appropriate data to all of the users or to communicate with others using the server by using API.
  • When we are required to send the data to a website or retrieve any information from website then we should use API which is in PHP.

We can make API in other languages also like Java but PHP is very simple to create and use the APIs and this is user-friendly also. When you are developing a real-time project or application then you are required to use APIs. You can create the APIs yourself according to your requirements.

Knowledge of PHP is very beneficial for an Android Developer as well as web developer. And to acquire highly advanced skills in PHP you must attain course training from the best PHP development institute in order to add great and most common features, you will be able to write APIs in PHP. I hope you get all the points that how PHP plays an important role in Android application development.

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