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Web Master Plus Course at ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one of the best web designing and development courses for the ones who aspire to become jack of all trades in the field of web with an advantage of becoming the master of one too.

This course was created by our team of industry experts to include everything that a full stack developer ever needs. After completing this diploma course which is actually 18 Months long, you’ll be able to design, develop, deploy and maintain the SEO of a website and web app. How cool is that huh…?

Web Master Plus Course can be categorized into two main parts and then into three parts further:

  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development

Above two can be divided into three parts:

  • Designing
  • Development
  • Deployment and SEO

The contents included in these categories are likely to change as we get lots of updates but one thing remains constant is the latest technologies that we teach and the free upgrade our students get over these technologies.

Like, suppose this course has Angular in it and when you joined it the version was 12 but the time when you started learning its 13 or 14 version, you’ll learn that version not the 12th.

Then there’s also the chance where these changes happen after you learn these, well got you covered there too at ADMEC Multimedia Institute we organize special classes where we cover all these changes. So, not to worry about it at all.

Contents of this web design and development course and why are they there?

Let’s take a look at the contents that are included in the above-mentioned categories and why they are important for a beginner.


We just don’t push students into programming languages as our vision is not limited to that. We start with the basics of designing firstly with software which include 

Many who know what Photoshop is can argue Photoshop is not for Web Developers well we feel otherwise. With Photoshop you learn the typical Photoshop stuff with the focus on the tools that are often used when designing a web site.

Here’s a link to some our students work based on Photoshop 

Note: After the completion of every language, software, library, framework we issue projects and a blog related to the same. This project is a must as the diploma is based on this. The main purpose of the projects is that after the completion of the course you’ll have a very rich portfolio to show for.

After the completion of Adobe Photoshop, it’s time to learn Adobe XD where you’ll learn how to design a UI for websites and apps and how to show it to clients and work with the development team on the project.

Note: There are also sketching classes for the web students which focuses on 


Now we done with software now let’s jump into the programming languages, well start with obvious ones like 

C and C++ these are not used in web development but they build the ground work required for all other programming languages coming next. In these C language and C++ classes you’ll learn what a program is, how it’s executed, and other basics and advanced concepts.

C focuses on a more traditional approach i.e., procedural and C++ towards more Object Oriented. While learning C++ students get to know about the OOPs concept.

Now it’s time to start learning to build a web site not with C and C++.

Well, start this with HTML5 which gives the structure to our web page and simultaneously look at CSS which will give the necessary styling. Along with this we’ll also cover animations, responsive designs, flex, grid and various concepts required to build impressive web templates.

Once you are able to fully design and get a website responsive with just vanilla HTML and CSS, we focus on the CSS framework to make our life easier like Bootstrap which is the most popular and used CSS framework. 

Bootstrap is based on SASS, a CSS pre-processor, and you guessed it we teach that too and in theory if you work hard enough, you’ll be able to build a simple CSS framework yourself.

Now you have a website which has a structure and style meaning you got the bones and skin. What about the nervous system? Let’s get that too. 

JavaScript – A scripting language that provides additional functionality to websites. We start with the core and then move to the DOM section where you learn how to manipulate the DOM. Along with animations, form validations with regular expressions, call-backs, promise, async, fetch, etc. 

We’ll also take a look at how to build a simple application based on JSON and JavaScript.

JavaScript Library and framework

JavaScript is lot popular and used than you realize. It has lots of frameworks and libraries; you’ll learn some of the most popular ones like 

  1. jQuery: simplifies all JavaScript syntax and is used in like all the HTML, CSS libraries you’ll ever use.
  2. ReactJS: The most popular JavaScript library specializes in application development. With ReactJS you’ll get to know about Redux which is used for managing states in ReactJS.
  3. Angular: The most dominant framework ever a rival to React JS also specializes in application development. These classes will also include Angular Material, a styling framework for Angular, Firebase which will serve as a database for Angular.

This web design course also includes Ionic is for developing mobile application, see we want to empower our students so they also have the knowledge in app development as well for future if they ever decided to change sides.

The Backend 

For the backend we decided to include PHP and NodeJS one is the oldest and most used programming language and the other one is the most popular runtime environment based on JavaScript.

The Databases

By this time, you have already learned firebase and there are two more databases that will be taught one is MySQL and other one is MongoDB. 

MySQL is taught with PHP after the completion of the core PHP and Mongo DB is taught with Node JS and Express JS.

In this world nothing is enough and if you like PHP and want to get a job in that you need one more thing that is a PHP framework and we included Laravel which is top of the line when it comes to PHP frameworks.

Content Management System

There are a lot of CMSs but no none of them comes close to WordPress when it comes to popularity and user accessibility which makes it the most used and popular CMS in the world.

Learning WordPress here in this web development course is divided into three sections

  • Basic WordPress: Where you learn on maintaining and running a website by using plugins and themes.
  • E-Commerce: Build an ecommerce website with woo commerce.
  • Advance WordPress: Learn how to build the very thing you learned to use in WordPress Basic like theme development, and plugin development.

You learned a lot by now from designing to development but what about making the website recognizable to search engines. Let’s see to it.

Check the web development courses fees and pick up your ultimate course.

Deployment and SEO

The deployment is covered in special classes where our instructors show how to make your website go live on a domain.

The very last step to become a full stack developer includes the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where you learn how to make your website like a flower where bees like search engine crawlers are attracted to it. 

With all this knowledge it will be easier for you to decide what you fancy the most and you can become the following:

  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Backend Developer 
  • Frontend Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • MEAN Stack Developer
  • MERN Stack Developer
  • SEO Manager
  • App Developer

You can even specialize in one language and master it as well. Having knowledge of all this has no downside at all.

Get set go with Web Master Plus Course and become a full stack web developer.

You can contact our career counsellor to get other essential details of this web design and development course any time. Or leave your doubts and queries in the comment section given below.

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