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Are you searching for a promising career that will give you good and fast job opportunities? Most of the times students get confused and not able to decide which career to choose after completion of their 12th. It is one of the most challenging decision in life because the academic choice that we make at that age will affect your career and job opportunities. A career in animation is one of the most rewarded options these days. And why not? A career in animation could be the right choice for today’s youth if you want high salaries, career growth and an opportunity to showcase your creativity. The best way to acquire skills in animation is by joining animation training centers for advanced 3d animation courses.

Scope of 3D Animation

The animation industry in India is growing at a faster pace than any other industry. Some of the best Hollywood and Bollywood movies like Baahubali, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age are made with the help of latest animation applications. The animation industry in India is expanding and shows a steady growth.

India has huge amount of animation professionals which are working in more than 300 animation studios. One of the top employers in the gaming industry and they also pay quite well. Demand for animation is enlarging day by day in the industry of entertainment as well as in the areas of advertising, business, education, sales etc. Job placements in print media and publishing firms are also available for animators.

Best Ways to Learn 3D Animation

The first step in becoming a professional animator is to join 3D animation classes in Delhi. One can study 3d animation courses either as a full-time or part-time student. Several animation programs are offered in the form of diploma and certificate courses in classroom and online mode. Admission into short-term and long-term 3d animation courses will have different eligibility criteria but most of them can be joined after completion of 12th. There are many animation institutes in India, which are providing training in animation, but only few of them focuses on providing quality training on latest applications. ADMEC is one of the notorious animation institutes which ensures that students get an opportunity to do internship and provide job placement during or after completion of the course. 

Short-Term and Long-Term 3D Animation Courses

If you are creative, then animation is the right career option for you. You also need to be imaginative and good at drawing and sketching. To create characters in a best possible way, you also need to have an understanding of human, bird and animal expressions and movement. Additionally, you should have good visualization skills and flair for using colors. So, if you have the above skills and a keen interest to explore this creative art, this is the career for you. But apart from that you should also know how to use animation applications which are used in the industry. For that you need to join 3D Animation Courses. Courses offered by ADMEC are: –

1. Animation Master Plus – 24 Months

It is diploma course in animation which is spread over 4 semesters which is further divided into 8 modules. Through this course you will develop 3d animation skills and   you will master 3D , video editing, compositing, VFX, and post-production processes like , sketching, modeling to character animation, special effects, and final show real.

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2. Animation Master Course – 18 Months

It is a diploma course designed for individuals having a passion to become a in the animation industry. It contains highly specialized technical and artistic training in 3D Animation. The course is divided into 3 semesters which is further divided into 6 modules. Students will learn Autodesk Maya3Ds MaxAdobe After EffectsFusionMocha, Mudbox along with digital photography.

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3. Animation Standard Course – 12 Months

It is also a long-term diploma course in animation which will make you a pro in 3D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics, 3D Modelling, Texturing, Rendering and Video Editing. It is spread over 2 semester which is further divided into 6 modules. Students will learn applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Media Encoder, After Effects, Mudbox, Maya etc.

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4. Visual Effects Course – 12 Months

It is also a diploma course spread over 2 semesters which is further divided into 4 modules. In this course, students will get hands-on training on applications, designing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Media Encoder, Mocha, Eyeon Fusion, Maya, VUE Pioneer, Plant Factory, Realflow. At the end you will create portfolio showreel.

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5. Autodesk Maya Master – 6 Months

It is a short-term diploma course which is divided into 3 modules. In order to join this course, you need to have knowledge in Adobe Photoshop. This course is the advanced 3d animation course offered by ADMEC one of the best Autodesk Maya Institutes in Delhi. This program consists of professional animation training and will focus on comprehensive overview of Autodesk interface and modeling techniques. You will also in-depth knowledge about Maya’s shading, texturing, and lighting competences along with some advanced level character modeling, rigging, and animation techniques.

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6. Cinema 4D Master – 3 Months

It is a certificate course where you will learn 3D , , and tools used in Cinema 4D. They will also learn about procedural and polygonal animating, texturing, lighting, and customary options found in 3D modeling applications.

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7. Autodesk Maya Premium – 3 Months

This is also a certificate course imparted by best Autodesk Maya Institutes and recommended for individuals who are new to Maya. It is divided into two modules modeling and texturing, lighting & rendering. Students will get an overview of these techniques.

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8. Autodesk Maya Standard – 3 Months

It is also a certificate course offered by best Maya training institute but recommended for individuals having some knowledge about Maya. In this course, students will learn advanced level animations in which characters interconnect with environmental objects realistically, create special effects with the help of animation and textures including glows and lasers etc. They will also learn how to apply Maya Dynamics for creating particle emission effects, fire and fluid effects, and other complex environmental effects.

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9. Adobe After Effects – 2 Months

It is a short-term certificate course where you will learn basic to advanced tool and techniques used in After Effects to create high level motion graphics and presentations. During this course you will create several mini projects like 3D Text Effects, Logo Animation, Intros and Openers, Photo Displays, TV Commercial Ads, Presentations, Motion Graphics, Video Mixing, Montages etc.

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After pursuing one of the 3d animation courses from the professional Animation Training Centres, you can pursue job roles such as Graphic Designer, Web Designer, 2D/3D Animator, 2D/3D Designer, AV Editor, Technical Trainer, 3D Modeler, Multimedia Programmers, Compositors, Visualizers, Content Developers and Pre and Post Production executives in leading animation studios and entertainment companies. An aspirant wishing to pursue a career in animation and gaming can start with the average salary of around Rs 3 lakhs per annum and can reach up to 7 lakhs per annum depending upon the job experience and the years of experience. Animation is one of the tangible, profitable and demanding career options and want for more and more skilled animators has brought about a rise in job opportunities.

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