Designers and animators describe the basic 12 principles of Animation for beginners. While some principles are closely related to each other, there are also some differences that can be related to the design. Follow this blog to read them in details. Concept of Animation With the growing ambiguity in digital devices, moving objects, technology, and motion...
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Due to information revolution in the world, every individual wants to be connected with other parts of the world through varied means of information and communication technology. Hence, the importance of print media in every day’s life has really increased. Print media is one of the oldest and basic forms of mass communication. It uses...
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A vital period in each student’s life is to choose the right course in IT area. Before starting a job, it is advisable to have an industrial training in Delhi, which makes any individual get a working exposure of an industry, implementing the concepts and techniques, learning new things with a more profound view. Industrial...
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3D computer graphics software is used to create computer-generated images through 3D modeling and 3D rendering or creates 3D work for scientific, engineering purposes and much more. Choosing the right 3D modeling software is an often difficult decision because of various characteristics and the extensive range of properties available in these applications. To help you with making...
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Everyone plays games and loves making up stories as a kid, but some individuals don’t drop this skill over the years and can’t overlook the phenomenon of discovering imaginative worlds, creating own characters and creating captivating adventures for their favorite heroes. A Multimedia Master Course from ADMEC is a perfect program for such an idealist, because it...
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The best way to motivate yourself is to go through this list of popular Indian graphic artists — a generation of global talent representing different cultures and diverse influences, but still reveling in their Indian roots. Indian Graphic Artists India has always had an incredible history of graphic design, from advertising signs on the walls...
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Multimedia is the field related to the combination of texts, graphics (still or moving images), drawings, audio and animations. The content in the multimedia can be represented digitally in the form of audio, video and animation in contrast to traditional media. Multimedia presentations may be projected, transmitted, or played locally with a media player. The...
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As a matter of fact to build your designing skills; you need a solid base of knowledge to improve. Majority of the graphic artists or designers have joined some art or design schools to further their careers, and after graduating, they have a foundation to expand on with new skills that they learn post-school. However if you’re...
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Choosing blue color in chroma makes sense in the world of editing. Let’s see this from a different perspective. You just watched a movie which has left you awestruck. You are spellbound by the visual effects and just cannot sleep ignoring the brilliant scenes that flash up in your mind again and again. Does it...
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Non linear editing for films and television post production is a modern video editing method which involves being able to access any frame in a digital video clip with the same ease as any other. This method is similar to the concept of the “cut and paste” technique used in film editing from the beginning. However, the cutting...
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