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As a matter of fact to build your designing skills; you need a solid base of knowledge to improve. Majority of the graphic artists or designers have joined some art or design schools to further their careers, and after graduating, they have a foundation to expand on with new skills that they learn post-school. However if you’re starting from the scratch, you don’t necessarily need to get a degree in graphic designing to pursue it as your chosen job field.

Being into the profession of graphic designing nearly about ten years, there are few tips that I would like to share with the people who are looking for entering into the field of graphics. Hope you find the tips helpful.  

Important Tips to Improve your Designing Skills

Attending a Professional School

“Start with foundation and build up”. Yes you heard it right beginners should opt for a degree, diploma or certificate course from a reputed professional graphic design institute, school or college to acquire skills in designing be it web, graphics or so on. Such schools, college or institute will give them concept clarity and new vision to their perspective.     

Stop Waiting, Start Working

Begin with designing applications like:

To make develop your designing sense at least spend three hours daily, working under these programs.

Take your Skills to another Level

Acquiring skills and staying with them doesn’t work. It’s a field of applied science. Therefore web or graphic designing professionals keep on upgrading themselves.

Read & Observe

  • Read Designers related news
  • Stay up to date with browser compatibility updates to operating systems, and device compatibility.
  • Make a list of what you think is beautifully designed. Note what they have in common.
  • Follow good designers on Twitter, Dribble, Tumblr, devianArt, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Stop Doubting, Seek Knowledge

  • Think Visually
  • Learn the Basics of Drawing
  • Spend at least 30 minutes drawing everyday
  • Learn the basics about user experience and interactive design
  • Read and write tutorials about color theory, typography, designing with a grid, and basics of graphic design

Find What you like to do: Specialize

  • Explore all specializations of graphic design such as logo design, web design, mobile apps, stationery, illustrations, book covers and many more
  • Pick and choose the ones you enjoy to get better at them
  • Focus on what you are good at
  • Learn to create a consistent brand ( from business cards to websites)

Build a Portfolio with Side Projects

  • Find poorly designed websites, re-design them
  • Make mock ups of mobile apps
  • Enter design contests
  • Do graphic design exercises
  • Create an online portfolio, update it regularly
  • Only include your strongest work in your portfolio

Ask for the Feedbacks

  • Get another set of eyes to look over your work, people in the industry and those that aren’t
  • Listen to what people say, thank them, and ask questions about what they said
  • Build good client/ designer relationship, learn from each other
  • Don’t be of scrapping designs, work is a process

These tips are very general and you can apply these in your training very easily. Hope this write up will assist you during your training from any institute, if you still have any doubts you can seek the advice of our counselors and teachers

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