Ultimate Last Minute Checklist Before Going for a Design and Multimedia Interview

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Are you going for an job design interview soon? Use these points as a guide for better interview preparation which can make your way easy for climbing the ladder of success in a design industry. It’s well known that an interviewer will have decided whether or not they are going to give you the job within a few minutes or not. So be prepared! Remember: Prepare-Practice-Perform.


  • Get as much information as possible about the design and multimedia industry you will be going in – read all the latest news happening in the multimedia industry, check out the website and try to speak with someone who has worked in that company or firm.
  • Prepare answers to a range of skill-based questions that you can be asked.
  • Carry a folder consisting of a copy of resume, design portfolio, and pen.
  • Try to think of questions that you might pose to the interviewer relating to web, graphics, multimedia, particular job.
  • Arm yourself with a few questions for the interviewer showing that you have done your homework about the organization and its business.
  • Always check the format of the interview as it could throw you out if you’re presented with a written set of technical questions you were not expecting.
  • Dress-wise – Keep it simple and respectable!!


  • Interrupt the interviewer
  • Arriving late
  • Answer a question with another question
  • Appear nervous by fidgeting
  • Ask lots of questions about salary and benefits
  • Too much use of jewellery and cosmetics

Now that you’ve got everything ready, just get a good night’s sleep, be sure that you are nicely dressed and relax.

Be sure, you will win the interview race if you follow these steps and will definitely achieve success in it. So, join ADMEC for long term and short courses and get benefit of professional training if you want to become more growing and feel confident for enhancing your personality. Do, feel free to contact us at 9811-818-122, 9911-782-350 or visit our institute to get better career guidance from the experts.

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