Will PHP be a History Soon Because of Python and Node.js?

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World of web development is growing at a commendable speed. After few years a new language comes in the path of developers that is favourable in the IT industry as well. Beginners get confused what should they do? Whether they should directly go for new one or should first be thorough with the old language as it will have less bugs and more supporters than the new one. Same is the case when we talk about PHP, Nodejs and Python. Beginners are in dilemma that what if PHP be a history soon because of python and NodeJS.

Just to clarify this doubt I will be discussing about all the three languages. So that you can clear this thought that, no PHP won’t be a history any day sooner.

Overview of PHP

With 60% of websites based on PHP this is a leading language since 1995. It is free and general-purpose language used in programming world. Its speed is faster than other scripting language. It is loosely typed language, so good for other beginners as well as professionals. Unlike python it is easy to do coding in this language. It can be learnt easily by joining PHP Master course from our PHP training institute.

Overview of Python

Though older than PHP but has a smaller number of frameworks than PHP. Highly used in data science, Artificial Intelligence as well as in other science community. Though the code written in this is clearly visible and understandable by all but it is very strictly written with proper spacing. Leading companies that are using this are uber, Mozilla etc. Not only this it can also be used with C, C++ and java which takes developed to another level.

Overview of NodeJS

NodeJS makes real time communication easier between client as well as server. Also because of its event driven architecture it has attracted a lot of programmers avidly. With the introduction of NPM its use has incredibly increased as window users can now use it.

Features of PHP that will not let it be history any day sooner are:

1. Simpler than others

There is no doubt that it is simpler and easier to use. Its simplicity makes it more favourable for the programmers to work.

2. Big brands rely on this

Brand names such as IBM, Le Figaro, Orange, Yellow Pages are reliable on PHP. As it can handle heavy traffic that comes on these sites daily. According to the reports 87% of the companies use it for the website development.

3. Wealthy language

Its richness n functionality makes it perform very tedious and complex tasks easily. You can perform mathematical functions, database manipulations etc easily using this. Not only this it has various libraries available in various language so that everyone can use it.

4. Error Handling

Though earlier it was impossible to get to know about the fatal errors but this time and introduction of php 7 it has become easier to know about them and save our projects from being dropped.

5. Performance Speed

Its developers have worked and still working hard to make it a best and high-speed language. Also, with increase in speed they are doing their best to lower the memory consumption of the program. And this is for sure succeeding the hearts of the programmers.

6. Introduction Of OOPs 

Since the PHP5 update, developers got the capability to write PHP in class and objects style. This was a major plus point as it got all the power of an Object Oriented Programming Language.

Codes written with OOPs concepts are faster and take less time to execute. It also focuses on the DRY principle which helps in making the code shorter and easier to debug and provides a clean and hierarchical structure.

7. Pre- Built Functions

PHP has a lot of pre-built functions which can be called upon to complete a specific task.It’s quite a pain to achieve the same goal in other languages as they require the dev to write those functions. These pre-built functions require less coding and makes the development process easier and since we are using an already existing function there are less chances of mistakes.

8. Backbone of CMS

There is no other language that is embedded so deep in CMS than PHP. It is behind some of the best CMS on the market like WordPress, Drupal and Magento etc.

So, these features among many other features of PHP won’t let it be a history any day sooner. So, I would suggest to know more about this language and after working on this you can also work on python and NodeJS if you want to be a master of web programming language.

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