5 Main Reasons Why HTML is not a Dying Language

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It was 2010 when Steve Jobs penned down an open letter ‘Thoughts on Flash’ in which he gave reasons why he won’t allow Flash on iOS platform and choose HTML over Flash. He then put forward the facts that HTML can do everything that Flash did and when we see his statement today, we consider it the ultimate truth.

HTML is the technology innovating the web every day. Recently we have got a new update of HTML- a new and revamped HTML5.

It is not that all web and technological languages stay relevant in the industry forever but there are some which have established themselves as a base of this web industry and HTML is one of that.

In the next two decades or more we cannot see this markup language as a dying one and here are the top 5 reasons that I have presented to validate my point.

Let us look at them in detail.

HTML – Is it Really Dying?

Video and Audio Support

Video and Audio Support

It is nothing less than a nightmare to get their media to play accurately on the website. Without third-party plugins you can easily accessible your audio & videos with <video> & <audio> tags.

With new HTML5 you can easily define various attributes and play your video or audio without those confusing chunks of code.

Cooler Storage

I personally don’t know why people are even asking that HTML is dead or not? With the all-new update, it has come back with the coolest features ever. The new markup language comes with a new local storage option. With better performance and security options, the storage option in HTML is better than ever as it allows storage on multiple browsers.

With this feature, you can easily create a base for application features like cache data ability, ability to load previous data, user information storage and much more.

Better Interactions

In terms of cleaner, simpler and elegant code, there isn’t any doubt that HTML is the beast of the industry. You don’t have to worry about those nasty, huge chunks of confusing codes as it offers you to write a clean and descriptive code.

Let’s admit the fact that we all want and love better interaction and the new version offers more dynamic interactive options. For example, <canvas> tag of language allows the person to enjoy a lot more animated and interactive possibilities.


90% of web users operate the web on mobile phones and mobile phones are currently ruling the industry.  With the increase in mobile phone usage, it is pretty clear that every 4 out of 5 people will look at your website on mobile phones.

HTML offers the ready tool for developing websites that mobile-ready. With the increasing popularity of responsive designs and tools that HTML has been fully accepted by all the mobile browsers.

It is the Future

For a web designer, it is a mandatory language to know. It is the language that provides a base to every website. If you still think that HTML is going to vanish in the coming years let me clear you with the fact that this markup language is going nowhere. With its latest addition, it has got more and more updates with all new revamped features.

Version 5 is nothing just an updated version of HTML and you really don’t have any excuse to avoid it. It is here to simplify our tasks and making our world a whole new place to explore.

I have presented you with the points which I consider as a strong point for the existence of HTML in the industry. While concluding, all I want to add is that HTML is not only the future of web design but a present, a strong presence too! With consistent updates and developments, HTML is still conquering the technological fields irrespective of the industry.

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So, this was all from my side. I hope you have got a clear perspective on this particular matter. Stay tuned with us for more informative blogs. Till then, Keep Exploring! 

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