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Videos have taken over the essential role in content market. Web content is shifting more towards video as more than 50% of established brands has opted for dynamic illustrations and videos to market their product.

Majority of people spend their free time watching videos and probably this could be the reason why Instagram and Facebook have added a video section in the application.

As per the latest trends, by 2020, videos will cover 75-80% of internet traffic and with such tremendous growth Motion Graphics and Video editing will become a hot career option in the coming years. While everyone wants to excel in this field and competition has grown to another level.

Even though the video editing is a field of practical understanding it is very essential to keep a strong theoretical base. The industry is very dynamic and changes with the blink of an eye. However, these theoretical concepts form the base of video editing that remain undisturbed for years

Books are one of the best ways to get a thorough and deep understanding of minutest details. Reading books can help you get the information in most comprehensive way. You have to prepare a well-rounded base for yourself to stand out from the crowd and this can be done when you possess strong grip over every single detail.

This time we have got you the collection of 6 industry leading books that every video editor should read at least once.

Whether you are a beginner in the industry or want to refine your existing skills.

These video editing books will become your rescue option :

1. The American Cinematographer Manual by American Society of Cinematographers:

Video Editing Books: The American Cinematographer Manual

The highly acclaimed book, The American Cinematographer, is considered as the Bible for filmmakers for several generations. The book is critically acclaimed and used widely across the globe. The book offers the most comprehensive reading of cinema than any other book in history.

Recently in 2016, the 10 the edition of the book got released. This edition reflected the technological changes that have occurred in the cinematic industry.

With a whole new concept, the book primarily deals with vibrant as well as essential topics like Digital Cinematography, 3D lighting, use of color encoding, digital technology and much more.

2. Film Directing Shot by Shot by Steven D. Katz:

Video Editing Books: Film Directing Shot by Shot by Steven D. Katz

This complete all-rounder book should be in every video editor’s list. The book recently got a new look on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

The book has stored something for everyone. From aspiring producers, directors to cinematographers and editors, this book is a boon for everyone in the industry.

Throughout the book, the author tries to connect with readers in a different form at every level. The book is well versed with almost 800 photos, illustrations and analytical examples.

3. Understanding the Business of Entertainment by Gregory Bernstein:

Video Editing Books: Understanding the Business of Entertainment by Gregory Bernstein

Written in quite engaging tone, this book offers business expertise and techniques of the media industry, a beginner needs to enter and succeed.

Author has brilliantly managed a friendly tone to engage readers throughout the book.

Gregory has covered essential topics with real life examples. Whether you are a director or video editor, this book will help you to find work in the industry. Besides this, it also covers what essential skills are necessary to sustain in the industry.

4. Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video by. Gael Chandler:

Video Editing Books: Cut by Cut: Editing Your Film or Video by. Gael Chandler

The book comes in two editions and covers the post production process in detail. The book guides the reader about the major operations of the production industry which includes music editing, video editing, image setting, mixing, film workflows, cuts etc.

The middle section of the book primarily deals with editing of the footage. The editor tells the reader about various video effects, overlaps, cheat shots, cuts as well as talks about different genres such as documentary, comedy, Drama and Music Videos.

5. The Invisible Cut by Bobbie O’Steen:

Video Editing Books: The Invisible Cut by Bobbie O'Steen

The book teaches you the art of manipulating like a magician. Comes in two parts, the initial part lays stress on the strategies and technicalities while the other part covers the actual work done by the masters of the industry.

The book offers the perfect blend of theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the industry. Not only this, it also tells how editor works like a magician and maneuver the audience by cunning hand movements and attracts them by fluent work, by creating invisible cuts.

6. Adobe’s Premiere Pro by Maxim Jago:

Video Editing Books: Adobe’s Premiere Pro by Maxim Jago

Premiere pro is the industry’s leading video editing software. This book is a staple for every video editor. With most of the editing work done in Premiere Pro, it is mandatory for video editor to master this software.

The book offers information about the software in the easiest yet most comprehensive way. The latest 2019 release comes with 18 chapters that are perfect blend of theoretical as well as practical lessons.

 The book offers step by step learning with links to various tutorials. Besides this, buyers also get an eBook which contains links to several tutorials and blogs.

The book offers you the understanding of basic as well as advanced concepts. From beginning to end, the book contains chapters on all the major elements like composition, video editing, sound editing how to create transitions and much more.

Conclusion :

These were some books to break the giant iceberg. You can add them to your reading list. Besides gaining the theory concepts, it is equally important to master the practical skills. There are two software that dominates the video editing industry – Adobe’s Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut.

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