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Today when I was teaching types of products given in Magento; then I decided to write it for rest of the world. This post will explain what are all types of products and what are their uses and why they are important to understand in Magento?

Every ecommerce website requires these types of product because you can’t sale all the products in a way. An online storeowner can offer different – different products to its visitors with various schemes to increase the sale of the products. Sometimes there are some sort of products those need seriously a specific type of product to be used to sell them.

Types of Products in Magento

There are 6 default product types in Magento. These are not fixed you can create custom product types also in Magento. Custom product types development is out of the reach of this post, so surely I will create it in my next post soon.

Following are the names:

  1. Simple Product
  2. Grouped Product
  3. Configurable Product
  4. Bundled Product
  5. Virtual Product
  6. Downloadable Product

1. Simple Product Type

It is very useful to sell things such as ac, cooler, chairs, fan, pen etc. It is a product type that I use to create products those needs to be sell out individually without extra configurable features.

2. Grouped Product

For this type of Product type I always prefer to sell product such as buy this and get this too. For example you want to sell a photo ‘Modi in Action’ and ‘Rahul in Action’ then you can create a group of product as ‘Modi + Rahul in Action’ and you can offer these two to be sell out. You can force your buyer two buy both at a time or you can allow them to buy individually and that will depends on your individual product settings.

3. Configurable Product

If you want to buy shoes in different – different sizes and colors then go for this product type. It is a collection of some simple products.

4. Bundled Product

Bundled Product or Kit it is very useful when you want to sell laptops, computers or anything that needs to be configured by the buyer then go for this product type. Suppose if someone is buying a laptop then he/she must have some options to select Ram and Hard Disc size, configuration, and quantity according to her choice before buying it.

5. Virtual Product

Some times you will be selling some products those don’t have their physical existence such as insurance policies, AMCs, and various agreements; then it is a most suitable product type for you.

6. Downloadable Product

Want to sell mp3 songs or .mp4 videos sort of digital content! there is no limit of such types of products you can sell wallpapers, web templates or any kind of digital content that is downloadable.


I want to put above detail in sort and very concise manner so that you can understand easily once again.

Lets take for example a game i.e. Cricket and suppose you have 2 different product types to sell a ball and a bat.

  • To sell that bat and a ball individually -> Go for Simple product
  • To Sell cricket bat and ball together -> Go for Grouped product
  • To sell bat with different sizes and colors -> Go for Configurable product
  • To sell a fully customizable cricket bat e.g. grip sizes, height, length, width, color etc -> Go for Bundle product
  • To sell wallpapers and pics related to various cricketers -> Go for the Downloadable product
  • To sell agreements, policies, and various other things those don’t need shipping -> Go for Virtual product

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