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Android the name which is more popular these days. And one who is acquiring training in Android Development course should be aware with the top latest features of Android Studio on which we are going to discuss today.

Everyone knows about Android but must be don’t know on which the android application builds professionally, I will help you in this, Android applications build on Android Studio the setup developed by Google.

In coming years, Android Developer will be on demand as per the stats by the end of 2020. Android Studio gets updated recently in June 2018 with more add-on features i.e. Android Studio version 3.1.3.

Top 10 Features of Android Studio that You can’t Miss

Now, let us start the count-down for features of Android Studio

1. Instant App Run

It is an advanced technology in which it cleverly understands the transmutations done in the applications and deliver it instantly without taking time to rebuild the apk and installations make. So, quick that you can see the changes in app immediately. This is done by launching the URL on Android application installing the native libraries with Android Instant apps. Instant App sometimes is known as ” New Module Wizard“.

2. Visual Layout Editor

 Layout editor helps to build the layout quickly by adding different attributes either by hard-code or drag and drop. The preview of the codes can be seen easily on the visual editor screen and changes can be made accordingly by resizing it dynamically. This will make testing the application process more facile and more exhaustive.

3. Fast Emulator

 Android has a great feature of Emulator which is exactly like the android phones to test how the application looks like in physical devices. It gives real-time experience to the Android applications. It allows you to test your applications faster and on different-different configuration devices like tablet, android phone etc. It helps you to make your application development life cycle shorter and more efficient.

 4. Intelligence Code Editor

Android Studio provides you with the intelligent and quick code editor. This will help you and guide you with the accurate code. It helps you to complete code in advance and analyse your code in advance before building. Android studio has the special feature of the development of code by the drop-down list with suggesting the code you can integrate.

5. Addition of New Activity as a Code Template

Yes, Android also has the feature of templates built-in. If you know to build that accordingly that makes your task easier. it has both pros and cons, you don’t find every template in Android Studio. It’s an additional feature which helps the developer to build an application efficiently and effectively which provide effective solutions.

6. Help to Build Up App for All Devices

Android studio builds applications for every screen size, for wear and gear devices etc. It also can stimulate the various type of features which a hardware has like GPS location tracker, multi-touch.

7. Help to Connect with Firebase

Android Studio helps to give real-time experience with IOT based project development with dynamic upgrades in the application.

Firebase connectivity help to create direct updates and provide databases connectivity. To build high-quality applications we must use Firebase connectivity it helps to build the scalable infrastructure for building the application. You can create chat applications by using firebase connectivity it helps you to do happy chat experience.

8. Support KOTLIN

Kotlin the official language can be considered for Android. It is a language without having any new restrictions and has various advantages in it. The great feature of Kotlin is it run without any disturbances in older android versions as well that means no issues of specific android versions. It runs fast and equivalent to Java. Java developers can easily hands-on Kotlin with no-issues because it based on automated Java only.

9. Colour Previews

Android studio helps to see the code XML part in a preview to know that how perfectly we are designing the application according to the need before launching the application. It provides powerful functionality and enhanced features of drag and drops or resizes the application. It contains drag and drop features but not support for every function, that’s why be careful while doing that.

10. Maven Repository

In Android Studio, Maven integration of its repository can be done, within SDK manager support libraries of IDE is used. It’s a kind of a repository which is a directory in which various jar files like project jars, Plugin are stored.


Android Studio is a blessing in Android development field earlier the work is done on Eclipse.  Android is an Open Handset Alliance which anyone can learn and give tremendous development to the IT Industries.

Android Studio is a platform, which helps to build advanced and fully developed applications with latest features. Android is always getting upgraded with the latest technologies with very frequently new versions. Learning professional android app development course will boost your career in this vast developing area. Android is a fastest growing and developing language at present.

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