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Sleepless nights, loss of appetite, Tension etc. Don’t take me wrong as I am not discussing about some disease but these are few symptoms that a candidate faces before the design and multimedia interview.

Nothing to worry about as 80% of the candidates suffered from design phobia and those who overcome them have very high probability of becoming successful in design and multimedia industry.

You are not only the alone person who is appearing for a web designing, graphic designing, CAD or multimedia interview, you have been called for.

To become a choice of an interviewer you need to have a full proof preparation, leaving no scope for the interviewer to shoot you out.

To chase the design and multimedia interview race, you need to have more focus and attention on the skills you should have:

Skills essential to become an Animator

To ace the animation industry, the animator should posses these essential skills. Animation industry demands a versatile designer who is not only efficient in creating designs but also can express his design.

Some of the essential skills required to become an animator is :

  • Communication Skills: One should have excellent written and verbal skills in story writing. A successful animator create such videos that has a good script with clear visual components that can appeal their target audience.
  • Technical Skills: One should have sound knowledge of modelling, texturing, lighting, and rigging. At the same time you must have learning ability to facilitate future technological applications adopted by the company.
  • Computer Aided Design Skills: Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles involved in the motion pictures (for creating special effects or an animated film).
  • Software Related Knowledge: You must be efficient in 3D animation software like Maya, 3DS Max etc as you need to work as per the industry standard, later if selected.
  • Creativity: It is very important attribute. One should have a bird eye view passion for sketching, drawing, and visual communication.

Skills essential to become a Web Designer

Whether you are just starting out as a web designer or looking for a change there are some key skills that you need if you want to be successful in this industry.

  • Technical Skills: HTML, CSS are the important part of the web designer’s toolbox as HTML forms the foundation of how websites are built and CSS deals with the visual appearance of websites. These 2 languages form the style basis of how a designer design a web page. Apart from these one should be master of JavaScript, Ajax, PHP which are use in combination of HTML and CSS to create 3 layers of website.
  • Design Sense: A talented web designer loves to create how real people will interact with a design so that you can make the right decisions to help meet the needs of that site.
  • SEO: A Web Designer will have a more desirable resume if they know at least the basics of SEO. Even if the application of this skill is left to marketing professionals, knowing the basics of SEO is a strong USP in your cap.
  • Web Server: Most web designers feel they can ignore the server knowledge, but if you know how to solve the server problems then you can build a better site, as well as increase your chance of performance incentive.
  • Customer Service skills: Though it is not a part of technical skills, having this service skills is a key ingredient in a successful web design career. Whether you are a freelancer, or an employee of an organization, you should have skills how to interact with people, present designs and manage relationships.

Skills required for Graphic Designer

In order to become a renowned Graphic Designer, there are a variety of skills . Below you’ll find some of the most essential skills that a Graphic Designer will need so that he can advance in his career and reaches new height.

A designer may have excellent artistic abilities but what separates him from from the crowd is the following skills.

  • Style compared to no style: Style is acknowledged as a designer’s signature. It should be unique and contemporary.
  • Project Management:Taking on a new project, means managing the extent of authority you need in order to effectively execute your project.
  • Typography: It is one of the key thing top advertising firms are looking in a design portfolio. It creates the difference between a good and excellent designer. It requires a firm understanding of 4 elements- font families, line-height, kerning, and tracking.
  • Creative Thinking: An important asset of a graphic design artist is his ability to turn a deficient or incomplete picture and turn it into something remarkable.
  • Print Design and Layout: Every graphic designer is expected to have an understanding of digital print production. The ability to use a page layout program also called desktop publishing program (Adobe InDesign, or Quark) is very vital here.
  • Visual Grammar Knowledge: Knowledge of visual grammar is essential not only to become a good designers but the interview.Most of the interview questions comes from this domain so you must have proper knowledge of this field
  • Design Software: To effectively crack the interview, you must have mastered the prominent software which used by designers across the world. For a designer, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator and InDesign are some common application that they should know.

Skills required for Architect and Interior Designer

Interior designers are very unique-minded individuals, inside their mind lay a bulk of creative possibilities that most could never dream of. Let’s see how this skill-set matches to an interior designer.

  • Creativity: One should have a great zeal of creative and artistic skills to make their designs aesthetically pleasing for their clients. They should have knowledge of colors, textiles, fabrics, and interior furnishings with the clients keeping their taste in mind.
  • Communication: To be successful with the clients and for understanding their needs, interior designers require excellent interpersonal skills. Interior designers work with variety of other professionals to design and construct interior spaces.
  • Knowledge of Vaastu: One should have sound knowledge of applying Vaastu in construction buildings, residences etc.
  • Technical Skills: Computer aided Drafting and rendering is the most essential skill required in architect design industry. Apart from this one should have expertise in Autodesk Revit, Vray, and 3D Studio Max.
Author’s note:

I know, one should have outstanding skills for excelling in web, graphic,and multimedia industry if you want to excel in your respective profession, but even the best web designer/developer will fail if they cannot treat their clients in the right way.

Always remember to treat your client right and this goes for every field, irrespective of the industry

Remember, no one starts from the millionaire dollar but from the bottom. Don’t be afraid to suggest changes and design solutions -if you have for our ADMEC team.

If your ideas are accepted, use them in your portfolio. If they aren’t, save them in your design ideas folder and try to find out why it was rejected. Then analyse those criticisms to improve your next design or program.

I have tried to cover all the essential points but if I missed any, you are most welcome to add by commenting below. Also you can share your views through the comment section on our website.

Stay tuned for more informative blogs, Till then, Keep exploring!

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