7 Famous Graphic Designer’s Portfolio, which Offer Some Fascinating Insights

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Graphic design portfolios are an important tool for anyone wanting to showcase their work, list their achievements and influence clients to hire their services. The portfolio websites of some of the famous graphic designers are a great source of inspiration for web design.

In this blog we will walk through with some inspiring examples. The designs are innovative and inspiring as the designers’ most famous work, and serve as a reminder to visitors of their legendary careers.

1. Susan Kare

She is famous for designing the original icons for Macintosh and a huge amount of user interface graphics. Her work speaks for itself, and they make a strong background for this famous icon designer’s portfolio website.

Official Website: http://kare.com/

2. Kate Moross

She is the director of Studio Moross – and recently named within the three most inspiring graphic designers of the last 20 years by Computer Arts.

Official Website: http://www.katemoross.com/

3. Jessica Hische

She is an illustrator, letterer and typeface designer’s who has been in the news a lot lately with her widely circulated “Should I work for free?” infographic and gorgeous typeface design for the film Moonrise Kingdom. Her portfolio website showcases her client work which can be inspiring for lots of new graphic designers.

Official Website: http://jessicahische.is/

4. Marian Bantjes

Her portfolio website uses hand-lettering, pattern design and illustrations to showcase her most high profile projects and clients, as well as encourage visitors to buy her book and her art prints.

Official Website: http://bantjes.com/

5. Stanley Donwood

He is a graphic designer, artist and writer. He is best known for designing Radiohead’s album cover art and posters since 1994. He won a Grammy in the year 1992 for Best Recording Package, for his exception work on the special edition of Radiohead’s album Amnesiac.

The ‘Selected Works’ section in his website includes examples of his work, which is completely stunning.

Official Website: http://www.slowlydownward.com/

6. Dan Mather

He is an independent screen printer and graphic designer. He captures some brilliant color shots on his Tumblr account. He has specialized in water-based hand bench editioning, established a reputation for producing exquisite screen-print with an attention to detail.

Official Website: http://danmatherscreenprint.co.uk/

7. Riley Cran

If you are passionate about packaging design, then make sure to follow US designer Riley Cran. He specializes in identity, packaging and illustration.

Official Website: http://www.2016.rileycran.com/about/

A portfolio website is a virtual necessity if you are looking for a job, seeking freelance work or hunting for creative collaborators. Every graphic designer should have one to inspire others. Hope above list of famous Graphic Designers has inspired some. In case if you know there any other famous designer’s portfolio you feel we should have included, please add it in the comments below!

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