Top 10 Best Practices to bring a Website on Top of Search Engines

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a specialization that needs good analytical, planning, and writing skills. If you know what your website needs then you know only what you should do? Yet in this post I am putting few of the most important, essentials, and common points those can be followed by every SEO professional for his or her website.

Top 10 Best Practices to bring a Website on Top of Search Engines

1. Is Your Website Accessible

Search engine must be able to see and read all content. Make sure about content blocking via Robots.txt and Meta robot tags. For example  

<meta tag =”Robot” content =” follow, index” />

 Robots.txt code

    User Agent: Google

    Disallow: /CSS

    See the example:

2. Be Smart in Selecting Keywords for Your Website

As you know keywords are the main ingredients for any website. Actually, keywords can be existed in the form of single keyword, double keywords, three keywords, and multiple keywords phrases or long tail keyword.

We should try to always focus on single keywords. If we maintain our keyword density on single keyword then we automatically achieve keyword density on phrases because every keyword phrase is formed with single keyword.

See the example:

3. Don’t Ignore Title of Your Web Page

Title tag is one of the most important parts of all three important meta tags of html page for generating search engine ranking.

You need to define the title tag of page which is displayed in the title bar of web browsers. The format of title tag is just like below

Primary keyword – Secondary Keyword


Primary keyword – Brand Name


Format:  SEO Courses – ADMEC MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE: In this format you will see that “SEO Courses” is primary keyword and ‘ADMEC MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE’ is brand name.

Format: SEO Tutorial with Examples for Beginners –

We can make three keywords from this long tail keyword which is follows:

  • SEO Tutorial
  • SEO Tutorial with Examples
  • SEO Tutorial with Examples for Beginners

If we make appropriate keyword density for single keywords like SEO, tutorial, examples, and beginners then our website will come all above keyword phrase.

Also read: It is essential to put your keywords in Alt tag of image because if you put keyword in image Alt tag then your image is hit by that keyword which is put by visitor in search box.

4. Meta Description Needs Your Attention 

Description is the abstract of any website. We should always maintain keyword density within 155 characters. It’s essential because it is fetched by search engines from your website. If Google find single keyword about two times in your Meta Description then your website will be in top search engine rankings.

Note: You should always try to use keywords from the Title of the web page in your Meta Description for relevancy.

5. Unique Content 

In recent days quality of content is the key factor to bring your website on top of search engines. All the above and below given suggestions will only work if you will add quality content to your site. Unique Content becomes an important ingredient of your website because if it is duplicated then your website hits hardly by Google Algorithm (Google Panda). We should always upload unique content on our websites to achieve the good results. Due to the duplicate content Google can penalize your website too and in result you have to face so many business challenges like loss in revenue and loss of money as well.

6. Canonicalization

Canonical is a tag which is used for the removal of url duplication. For example, if you have two pages with duplicate content then you can put main canonical in one page so that another page is nullify automatically.

Actually it is also used for the prevention of your content. If another person copies your content after your published page then their page comes in the eye of Google Panda. This is because you will use canonical tag before website hosting.

Although you have all the content on your site only still you may face duplicate content issues because all the following URLs are different pages for a search engine such as Google.

You can resolve this issue by using 301 and 302 redirections where 301 indicate permanent while 302 temporary redirections consecutively.

7. Structured Data (Schema) is a collection of vocabulary tags which is used to improve the way of presentation of websites in search engine.

Code Sample

<div itemscope itemtype=””>
<span itemprop=”name”> Inbound Marketing and SEO: Insights from the Moz Blog</span>
<span itemprop=”author”>Rand Fishkin</span> 

Here itemscope and itemprob is the class which is used to write your website in structured way in search engine.

8. Domain Authority or Link Popularity

We should always get back links for our website from others. Because if we connect our website with high domain authority websites then our website becomes more trustable in search engines point of views.

Actually Domain authority is the concept of MOZ metrics, according to its methodology if our DA is high then only our Domain is trustable otherwise not. 

Here are some interesting concepts which are follows:

  • High Website Traffic  High PR  High DA

So, if we go for high DA then we get high website traffic and high PR.

But we should use our back links further so that our PA is also increasing.

9. Website Coding & Structure 

As per today’s demand your website must be responsive or mobiles and tablets friendly so that your website can be easily viewed and accessed via Smartphone and tablets. All essential elements of web page should exist in your website.

10. Appropriate Page Load Time

The way of writing code for your website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc can optimize the performance of your website. So always follow good coding standards when writing code and don’t forget to compress your JavaScript. Validation of your markup and scripts can also boost your website’s performance.

You can check load time of your website using YSlow addons in Firefox.

Social media optimization is also essential for any kind of website because branding is required to generate high CTR (click through rate). Branding is essential to promote any company via SMO at both national and international level.

I hope you liked the points written by me. Please share your problems, doubts, and thoughts in comments.

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