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In this blog, we are adding the most common questions asked by the beginners who are confused about making career in architecture industry. All the answers are given by one of our most experienced architecture interior design faculty, Mr. Nishu.

Here are his views…

Basically architecture is a very vast and creative industry. If you are looking for a good career in Architecture industry, it would be better decision.

We have also seen that honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi‘s agenda is to make 100 smart cities with better infrastructure facilities by 2022. There are 75 million requirements in real estate and infrastructure and 4 million core professionals (architects, engineers, planners) are required to build this Development Agenda.

I think that it is a huge opportunity for every beginner to build a career in architecture industry

Even if you don’t have any degree, you don’t need to be worried as you can also join architecture interior diploma courses from a professional architecture design training institute. Luckily, there are many career-oriented architecture design courses available for a beginner to join. So, you have a clear way to get into it.

What is the minimum requirement to be an architecture/interior designer?

See, this is a practical industry so you should have a sound command on practical concepts related to this field.


First you should have a good experience in “Drafting”. Don’t have any idea of drafting; let me give you a quick overview.

Drafting is a task in which draft-man visualizes the whole idea through his/her drawing which includes the rough sketches, detailed exterior and interior elevations along with isometric and perspective views.

An image showing drafting work

How can you become a draft man?

To become a draft-man you need to have a good knowledge of all the required dimensions (like doors, windows, building height, furniture, plans, etc.) and extents such as calculating the bill of quantities. Most of the professional courses are including drafting session for the students as it is indeed an important to learn.

Once you become familiar with drafting then your next stage will be software knowledge.

Important software to learn for architecture designing


After completing drafting, next level is “AutoCAD”.  It is very useful tool for an architecture as well as interior designer. AutoCAD is specially design for drafting purposes and it’s developed by Autodesk.

Without AutoCAD you cannot create plans (exterior/ interior), so I would highly recommend you to learn this software. Also, you’ll have fun while learning AutoCAD as it is very easy.

Home Interior Drafting
AutoCAD plan designed by: Varshika Singh, Guided by: Nishu Sir

Adobe Photoshop

Next is “Photoshop” In Photoshop you can prepare your presentation for your clients and seniors. You can do plan rendering, day to night transformation of the plan, compositing, matte paintings, color correction and you can create ads and posters too. It will also help in your advertisement. Learning Photoshop will definitely make you a good presenter.

Plan rendering work done by Nirma Maurya in Photoshop

Revit Architecture

Your next target is “Revit”- It would help to create elevations, sections, 2D and 3D. It discovers output in design and documentation, visualization, analysis and multi-discipline coordination. It will assist in the visualization of a project from concept to completion. You can create schedule and quantities with cost like: bricks, cement, cement and sand, doors, windows etc. All these features make Revit, one of the most preferable software for architects.

Outer Front View
An image showing Revit work done by Shipra

3Ds Max

All professionals like 3Ds Max for high quality rendering because at the time of the presentation, designers want to show realistic render and this tool will help in that.

As per me, 3ds Max and V-ray both are better options. In 3ds Max, designers have a lot of options for modeling; there are four different types of modeling and huge modifier list, so designers can explore more realistic effects in this software.

Apart from all this, you can also create professional furniture modeling, exterior, interior, walk-through and animation.

So, it is a combo of modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering. So, don’t skip this software.

Residential Interior Design Drawing Room Front View
An image showing 3Ds Max work done by Manish Maurya

Check out the stunning architecture design work created by our students in 3Ds Max.

Google Sketchup

As an alternative of Autodesk 3Ds Max, we have SketchUp. It is also used for exterior and interior designing. Although, it’s a small software but it’s very useful especially for interior designers. It’s very light-weight that let us complete our projects very quickly. The libraries present in SketchUp are too having many useful options which make it a a small yet a powerful tool.

From importing CAD plans to converting 2D into 3D, everything is just a few minutes work. You can also use V-ray or Lumion with SketchUp for better texturing, lighting and rendering.

Kitchen Interior
An image showing SketchUp’s work done by Prasanna Neupane

Adobe Premiere Pro

At the end of the list, I will recommend Premiere Pro which is a video editing software.

How is Premiere Pro useful for an architecture designer? This question might come in your mind. Let me clear it.

When you need to create a walk-through, you can’t render all walk-through at a time. So, what we do, we take out the render in small portions. We actually divide the one walk-through animation into small videos. Once rendering of all the videos complete, we need to merge them all to make a complete video.

And for this, our videos need to be edited using software like Premiere Pro. That’s the main reason you should have a good understanding of a video editing application like Premiere Pro. This will make your task easy by merging all the videos together to create one complete walk-through video of your plan with good effects.

So, as per me, these are must have skills to make career as an architect in the industry.

What are the most prevalent career options in architectural interior design field?

As per my experience, I have seen many students who have successfully entered this arena after completing course from ADMEC as a:

  • Interior Designer
  • CAD Designer
  • 3Ds Max Professional
  • Revit Professional
  • VRay Lighting Professional
  • Google SketchUp Expert
  • Drafting Professional
  • 3D Modeler
  • Residential Interior Designer, etc.

Expert’s Advice: I would advise all the aspirants who are looking to make career in architecture designing industry that instead of going for a short-term program, you must select a complete long-term diploma course that will be covering up everything from Drafting till all the essential software I mentioned above.

Are you interested in learning with me!

Check out the list of all our complete architecture design courses and contact us to book your demo class with me today.

Expert’s Introduction

Multimedia Expert - Mr. Nishu at ADMEC Multimedia Institute

Mr. Nishu is one of the intellectual instructors who have been a part of ADMEC for last 10 years. He is having a sound command on multimedia designing and successfully given the career guidance to thousands of his students for making their careers.

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