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Let’s explore important features of our graphic design training process which make us India’s one of the best institutes in Delhi for the training of graphic design.

But before we dive into it, let’s go for a quick look on graphic design and career opportunities.

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Exploring graphic designing

It is an art or skill of conveying the message to the potential viewers through the combination of visual graphics and text. Visual graphics and text together form n numbers of things such as posters, advertisements, banners, magazines, etc. One such example is logo which is an ideal representation of any brand.

Career opportunities in it

Nowadays graphic design is an in-demand career option and has a wide scope in almost every sector. After completion of the graphic design course you can pursue your career as a:

  • Logo and stationery designer
  • Packaging designer
  • Books and magazines designer
  • Art director
  • Web GUI designer
  • Signage designer
  • Technical illustrator
  • T.V graphics designer
  • Brand identity designer
  • Cartoon artist
  • Illustration artist, etc.

If this industry offers such wonderful opportunities then why not to enroll for a job-oriented course?

Now the question comes which graphic design training institute to join?

Two things are crucial to know before you finalize any institute:

1. Main profiles in design industry

2. How will the institute prepare you for the industry?

1. What will you be doing in the design industry as a graphic designer?

Let’s understand the main possible profiles as a designer for you in the future.

  1. A Non-designer Computer Operator – This is a person who operates few computer software only without knowing the designing.
  2. A Graphic Designer with Basic Design Skills – A person who possesses fundamental designing skills with good knowledge of related software.
  3. A Graphic Designer with Advanced Designing, Leadership, and Management Skills – This is a person who possesses an advanced level of knowledge about visual grammar, sketching, drawing, all leading computer software, extraordinary leadership, and team management skills.

What do you want to be??

A non-designer computer operator?


A graphic designer with basic design skills?


A graphic designer with advanced designing, leadership, and management skills?

If you have chosen out the third option, then this blog is for you.

2. Know how ADMEC Multimedia Institute will prepare you for the industry?

  • ADMEC is one of the leading IT institutes in Delhi and has been following a 360-degree development training methodology since Jan 2006.
  • Our institute offer a training ground for every individual – be it a novice or a working professional.
  • We don’t teach just few computer software only unlike many institutes, but we focus on other essential areas also to make you a complete design professional in a nutshell.

Our important training features can be divided into 10 parts:

i. Computer Designing Applications

  • Training from industry experts with up to 25+ years of experience
  • Small batches to make sure no query remains unanswered
  • Industry oriented projects

ii. Focus on Creativity

  • Provide art and sketching sessions
  • Conduct special workshops
  • Outdoor sessions and industrial visits on regular intervals

iii. Leadership and Team Management Skills

  • Internal design competitions
  • Quizzes and group discussions

iv. Monthly Reports

  • Online performance report
  • Online attendance report
  • Best student of the month selection

v. Updated and High-Quality Study Material

  • Books directly from Adobe and Autodesk
  • Library packed with world class books
  • Regular notes for workshops

vi. Online and Classroom Training Options

  • Offer one to one live training sessions
  • An important option for distant people
  • Training on iMac and windows computers
  • Classes on pen tablets and projectors

vii. Strong Evaluation Process

  • Class assignments
  • Assessment tests
  • Final projects

viii. Backup, Feedbacks, and Doubt Sessions

  • Weekly backup classes
  • Daily doubt sessions
  • Weekly feedbacks

ix. Resume and Portfolio Development

  • Assistance in resume development from experts
  • Portfolio development

x. Placement Support

  • Guaranteed internship with us
  • Regular updates for latest requirements from clients



If yes, then call us at 9911-782-350 to book your free demo session today.

Check our all graphic design courses to choose your favorite one.

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