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Autodesk 3Ds Max Master Course
Graduation Not Required
03 Months
Training Type
Classroom, Online
Training Mode
Fast Track, Regular, Weekends

Create, shape and define a range of environments and detailed characters and become a Professional 3D Artist with this best 3Ds Max course.

Technology has taken over every field and architectural domain is no less. Involvement of computers has brought a drastic revolution in the industry. Today, these 3D Design software has become a safe alternative for architects.

Baked by Autodesk, 3DS Max is a brilliant software that gives a creative freedom to professionals to create, design and visualize the model even before they are built. This is the best 3Ds Max course to cover all the essential topics & help you become master of  product, interior and exterior modelling

  • Get Trained from Experts
  • Learn All Advanced Concepts
  • Dedicated Live Training
  • Live Projects and Assessment Procedure
 Software Key Takeaways
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max


  • Unit Measurement
  • Types of View and Isometric View
  • Command Panel
  • Controlling and Configuration of Viewports
  • Working with files, Importing, and Exporting
  • Creating and Editing Primitive Objects
  • Transforming objects, Pivoting, Aligning, and Snapping
  • Grouping, Linking, and Parenting Objects
  • Access of Subobjects and using Modeling Helpers
  • Animation
  • Camera
  • Spline Modeling
  • Mesh Modeling
  • Nurbs Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Using Lights and Lighting Techniques etc


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Our 3Ds Max training institute has designed this course in consultation with ADMEC’s experienced trainers which offers the fastest and most cost-effective method to learn the professional skills which will be required to start career in the industry.

Students of this 3Ds Max course are taught in ADMEC’s simulated environment to develop competent work habits, experience working in real-world production team environments, improve their communication skills, and efficiently manage production deadlines related to modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering.

Entry requirements

Our 3Ds Max training institute in Delhi has designed this course to develop the most essential skills in you. Check out what are the entry requirements to join this course.

Familiarity with Windows or Mac operating system

Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is a must

Previous knowledge of drafting and basic knowledge of architecture & interior industry is desirable

Who can join this course

This 3Ds Max course is recommended for those individuals who are keen to interior designing

Architects, engineers and other related professionals who wants to gain advantage of digital drafting, model creation and 3d visualization skill can join this course.

Career opportunities

Have a look at the most common career options that you can achieve after completing this course from our 3Ds Max training institute in Delhi.

Autodesk 3D Max Professional, 3D Artist, 3D Modelling Professional, Texture Artist, Lighting Professional, V-Ray Professional, 3D Set Designer, 3D Architect, 3D Interior Designer etc.

Course structure and modules

We have divided this 3Ds Max course into 3 modules which include basic to advanced options’ training. Take a look at each module in detail below.

Module 1: Introduction to User Interface

This module is the first module of this course will give students a comprehensive overview of Autodesk 3D Max and will learn how to produce CGI high-quality content as well as applications for film and TV, games, and advertising industry through the user interface, a different set of tools available in the software and plug-ins.

Module 2: Modeling, Texturing, and Lighting with Mental Ray

Autodesk 3ds Max is primarily but not completely based on polygon modeling. Polygon modeling is used more widely in game design than in other animation application as it offers a highly specific control over individual polygons that make up the model.

Module 3: Animation, Camera, Walkthrough, and V-Ray Rendering

This module will be focused on learning everything from basic techniques to advanced animation workflows that are used in film and games industries.

Learning outcomes

You’ll become efficient in the following concepts after completing 3Ds Max course:

  • Gain a strong understanding of 3d concepts
  • Create own models, materials, and renderings in 3Ds Max
  • Use built-in poly modeling tools to create photo real 3d models
  • Animate objects and cameras in 3Ds Max
  • Improve your lighting, composition, and post-processing skills, etc.

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