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Take a look at the two most important parts of animation 2d and 3d and get to know the key differences between 2d and 3d animation.

Animation – new medium of entertainment

Animation has always been considered as a kids genre and wasn’t considered as a medium of entertainment for adults. But with the passage of time and the major changes in this dynamic industry has entirely transformed its role. Now, animation has become an essential part of teenage and adult entertainment cinema too!

Not only on the online medium, but we also come across moving picture on the offline platform too, in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, etc.

Besides being a mode of entertainment, the animation is made its place in the world of business and playing a vital role thereby influencing general masses on a huge level.

In this digital world of marketing, experts are using animated GIFs and illustrations to promote their products on a large scale. Short animated videos are used to convey information about the product, its uses, details, effects, etc.

How animation has become popular among generations

It has become a flexible medium to increase the knowledge about the product as it captures the attention of both young and old generations and helps brands to communicate about their brand’s strengths and vision.

The Growth of animation industry

For artists like us, animation has become a medium that can bring our imaginary concepts to reality.  Artists invest a lot of time and effort in creating stunning effects that can be used to engage audience attention. It helps people to form a firm decision by actually visualizing the thing in reality.

For generations, it has never disappointed us in any sense. We have spent our childhood majorly with animated characters and they acquire a special place in our memory.

The term animation instantly takes us to the world of Disney as they were the forerunners of animatronics in the industry. There are different types of animation and techniques along with 2D and 3D animation that have established themselves as a vital part of the industry.

The Concepts of 2D and 3D animation

Some animators made their career in 2D animation while some choose to explore the world of 3D animation.

Today, in this blog, we’ll be discussing about 2d and 3d animation industry and how they differ from each other.

Definition and Meaning

2D Animation

2D Animation Definition

When the character or environment moves only in 2-dimensional space, it is said to be 2d animation. 2-dimensional animation is similar to the traditional form of simulation in some ways like it also starts with hand drawing. 2d animation involves the use of digital software which makes the image looks crisp and clear.

Character can only be measured in terms of length and height. Characters lack depth and thus majorly give cartoonish feel rather than realistic.

3D Animation

3D Animation Definition

This type of simulation deals with 3 dimensional space as character gets perfect human-like skeletal system which adds a realistic effect in it. Environments look more real and characters get humans like features. It involves more time, efforts and money and thus produces high-quality work.

3d modeling software helps artists to create everything. They create game environments, characters, furniture, house exterior and interior. 3D modeling is all about graphs which control the virtual movement of the artwork.

Difference Between 2D and 3D

  • Measurement:
Depth in Animation

In 2d animation, the character can be measured only in terms of height and width while in 3D animation, characters along with these two, also got depth which makes them look more realistic on-screen than 2d characters.

  • Cost
Cost Comparison in Animation

2D animation is cost-effective as it mainly involves sketching work whereas, on the other hand, 3D software are quite costly in terms of purchase and to make products look real artist needs to get several rendering software too which demands more money.

Even learning 2d animation is quite cheaper than going to learn 3D modeling and computer graphics.

  • Realistic Appeal
Realistic Appeal in Animation

2d character lacks a realistic look. Virtual bones and structure of 3D characters gives a more realistic touch. People can relate to them more in contrast to 2D characters.

  • Frames and movements
Frames and Movements

2D modeling is dependent on the working of frames while 3 modeling is all about graphs that control the movement of characters.

  • Conceptual Drawing
Conceptual Drawing

2D modeling is not suitable for conceptual drawing as 2d characters lack depth and cannot concentrate in every corner while 3D animators can easily create characters with high details that can concentrate everywhere.

  • Uses
Uses of Animation

We see the major use of 2d animation in websites, explainer videos, short kids stories, Kids books, engineering designs, etc. 3d animation is widely used in the Architecture industry, gaming world, Sci-fi Movies, Medical, Aerospace, etc

Wrapping up

Regardless of these differences, companies prefer employees with a blend of knowledge of both industries. A combination of these two industries will help you to create breathtaking visuals.

To have a blend of knowledge of both of these animations, check our animation courses too to pick up the most suitable diploma program for you.

Let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section. More suggestions are welcomed.

Stay tuned for more informative blogs. Till then Keep Exploring!

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