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So, there was a phase when there’s nothing more interesting and exciting than an animated movie. Cartoons caught the major attention in the industry whereas we saw the rise of animated movies in later ’90s. We still have fondest memories of those lazy Sundays that were spent while watching animated cartoons shows and movies.

When you dive deep into the history of animation, you’ll find that this technique is as old as storytelling. It took very little time for people to understand that illusion can also be created through still images.

Animation in this digital era has gone beyond just entertainment factor and what’s interesting part is animation is captivating both the world that is home and business. It has become a whole new career option for people. There is still a kid in us that got excited to see animated characters acting like a real person and this kid forces some of us to go and explore this field in detail.

Today, in this section we are going to discuss wholly about animation, its types and the career opportunities it has stored for us.

Meaning and its Types

Animation is the process of capturing still images of inanimate objects and then adding motion to them. Such simulation deals with the idea of infusing the motion into still images to create an illusion of movement.  It is like an umbrella term that covers a variety of techniques inside it. 

Although there are different types of animation, here are the few that are an essential part of the industry.

Traditional Animation

In traditional animation each frame is created separately and animators used to draw characters on the transparent sheets that were consisted of camphor and cellulose nitrate. The sheet is called cel and that’s why graphic motions created through this process is also known as Cel Animation. After creating on cels, the characters are imposed on the common background to reduce the production time. Back in 1914, Liar by Colonel Heeza was the first animated series that was created using this technique.

However, this method demanded a lot of time from the animators and this becomes the major drawback of this animation.

2D Animation:

When scenes, objects, and characters are animated in two-dimensional space that graphic motion is known as 2D animation. Even today animation begins with the sketching process. The difference comes with the use of the software. Most of the designers use software like Sketchbook or Photoshop to create characters and environments.

The software comes with a predefined set of tools and options that allow the designers to create and manipulate according to their needs. With the coming of 2D animation, designers got familiar with the vast amount of effects library. The characters in 2d graphic motion can be measured only in terms of width and height.

Some of the famous 2D animation software are PhotoshopAutodesk Sketchbook Pro, Toon Boom StudioAnime Studio Debut and many more. 2D animation is a dominant art form used in various platforms like in Televisiongame industry. Games like Super Mario BrosMega Man are a few finest examples of games that use 2D motion.

3D Animation:

3D animation was the beginning of the golden era of computer-generated graphics. 3D characters that look real in nature and they were entirely designed using computer software. designer prepares a virtual skeleton of the character and then adds motion to it by using the rigging technique. Characters were provided with human-like attributes like limbs, clothes, expressions in detail.

The first 3d animated movie in history, the Adventures of Andre and Wally B was produced by Pixar animation and since then there was no looking back from that point. It was these 3d elements that made movies like The Avengers, Avatar and the Transformer this much interesting and impressive.

Stop Motion Animation:

Stop motion animation also known as stop frame simulation is of type where every frame of the photographic object is manipulated and the illusion of movement is created between the frames. In this process, the photograph of an object is taken while changing the position and when played, the images appear to move on their own. Companies have invested their marketing strategies in this form of the motion to sell their products and services.

The type of motions companies and media houses choose to work with entirely depends on their budget. Stop Motion & 3D animations are quite costlier than 2D motion because they involve heavy software for rendering process.

These were just a few types of animation that once ruled or ruling the current industry.

Now comes the point that what are the career opportunities that it offers. Just like any professional field, a career in this industry also demands a professional training from reputed animation institute.  The option of self-learning is also available to the individuals however; the option comes with the restriction. Every company wants to hire a person who has attained a professional degree from a reputed institute and secondly has worked under the guidance of industry experts.  At ADMEC, we fulfil both the criteria. ADMEC is an ISO certified and one of the best institutes in Delhi for animation and digital media training. With experienced faculty, we provide one of the finest courses to our students that not only prepare them for their real-time industry exposure but also teach them how to perform well under pressure.

Our courses like Animation Master and Animation Master Plus are specially designed for the students who have that zeal and enthusiasm to conquer such a large industry.

 After completing the course, you will be able to work as:

  • An Animator
  • Character Designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Freelancer
  • Rigging Artist
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Visual Effects Professional

It’s good to choose this field as a career! But to get a prosperous career, there is a need for hardcore training which you can attain by enrolling in any professional course from an ideal training platform like ADMEC Multimedia Institute.

So, that’s all for now folks! If you still have any query you can drop a comment below or can share your views too.

Till then, Keep exploring!

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