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Java is a language which is used at a major scale for the development of mobile applications. Some of the other languages are there which can be used to develop the Android application like C and C++ using Native Development Kit (NDK), but Java is recommended to develop the applications. In available IDE i.e. Android Studio, Java is default language to code whereas C and C++ are in options. It supports native code also, so C and C++ are applicable to code for the mobile application. An SDK (Software Development Kit) is used for Android development which has a bunch of libraries instead of JVM. Before going for learning Android Development courses one should attain complete understanding on Java as it has a significant role in Android App development.

As you all know that Java and XML are used in the development of a mobile application. It is used in Android development to write the back-end logic or business logic. It is a high-level language. XML is used to design the UI(User Interface). It is an object-oriented language but not pure object-oriented because of the presence of built-in data types in Java. This is called object oriented because it supports all of the features of object-oriented language.

Role of Java in Android App Development

Java plays an important role in development of Android applications because business logic is written in Java. You can say that knowledge of core Java is must for the development of android application. Knowledge of advance Java is a plus point for the development. With the knowledge of advance Java, you can add new features to the application. Let’s start to discuss the role of Java in android development by taking a look at the features of Java which makes it popular language for the Android development.

Platform Independent

Java is platform independent, it means that Java code can run on any platform. It doesn’t require the source code on that machine at which platform, where it will be executed. A class file (.class file) can be executed on any platform i.e Windows, Linux, Mac etc. It means your code is portable.

That’s why an application can run on several devices without changing any code. This feature allows that the application can run on any smartphone whether it is Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo etc. Android Studio (IDE) uses DVM(Dalvik Virtual Machine) instead of JVM(Java Virtual Machine). The file generated by DVM is the .dex format.


Java is an object-oriented language which is a big reason for using this language for application development. Let’s discuss the facts which make it great.


It is secure because of using the classes and objects and does not support the pointer and any other keyword to manage the memory manually which reduces the chances of unwanted interference in the application. For memory management, it uses the Garbage Collector which remove the objects which are not in use for a long time.


We can say that it is a type of container which contains the abstract methods. It provides the facility to use the methods which declaration is already done and we can use them according to our need.


Inheritance provides ease to the developer to develop the applications. By using inheritance, you can use basic methods without defining it in the program by extending the class. It is simple also because multiple inheritance is not allowed in Java which reduces the complexity.


It allows you to do the tasks on multiple threads instead of a single thread which reduce the chances of crash your app. If a single thread is there, then the load increases on that activity and it results into crash of the app. It provides built-in class which facilitates us to work easily with multiple threads named AsyncTask.

Many more reasons are there which makes Java important and mostly used. To develop Android application, it plays a very important role. All basic concepts of Java are used in development. Use of concepts of advance Java provides amazing features in our application. Knowledge of core and advanced Java will provide you a complete foundation and the best way to learn it is by opting for Java Courses in Delhi from a leading web development training institute

You can Recently a new official language is declared named kotlin which is also very much similar as Java. To learn kotlin also, you should have a sound knowledge of core Java. So, we have seen that knowledge of Java is must of Android development and its role is indispensable in app development.

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