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Programming world is getting bigger day by day. Some people get confused when they heard of some similar names of programming languages. One of the instances is Java and JavaScript. Both of these languages are way different from each other but many who listen about them for the first time assume both of them from the same family. Though now a days there are many institutes which offers promising JavaScript course in Delhi as well as Core Java Course.

I have dedicated this whole blog to the differences between these two, just to make everyone understand who has even a little bit doubt about their difference.

Let’s Begin!!!

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript which can be abbreviated as JS is a web designing language. It is open source, high level as well as interpretable language which was obeys all ECMAScript Specification.  It is a language which is used along HTML and CSS. Its role is to provide interactivity among different webpages. This along with its frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js etc is giving an edge to web development world. With these there is a noticeable shift, that earlier it was just used as a client-side language and now it is also used as server-side language.

What is Java?

It is a platform builds a program which is platform independent. It is free. Along with this it is so vast that you can modify its use according to the job skills that are required by you. It can be used to create complete applications to small applets that are used in webpage. It is the best language to go for if you already have sound knowledge of c and C++.

This was just a brief about both the languages.

Now, let’s know…

The Difference Between JavaScript and Java:

S. No.JavaScript (JS)Java
1JS is loosely typed. That means, it is written in a more relaxed manner than JavaIt is strongly types language. That means, it is written
2It is a scripting languageIt is Object Presented Programming Language
3It does not need any environment to write a code. You can easily write a code even on notepad and then just run it on any browser such as chrome, safari or FirefoxIt needs JRE i.e. Java Runtime Environment which contains a complete kit
4It just requires text editor to write a codeIt requires a proper JDK installed in the system to write the code
5Its source code can be read by anyone by just inspecting the codeIts source code unlike JS cannot be read by anyone as it is hidden
6It is less secure than otherIt is more secure than JS as it has JVM which increases the security
7JS is Interpreted languageWhereas it is compiled language
8It works on the concept of prototypingIt works on the concept of objects and classes

I am sure knowing all these differences between JavaScript as well as Java must have tempted you learn each of them in depth. No worries!!! We provide both the course. Also, these courses are taught by the professionals and strict teaching as well as learning process is followed.

Java courses offered by us:

Java Standard – A Short-Term Certificate Course

This is a 1.5 months course which is available in online as well as classroom mode. To join this course the knowledge of any of the two languages i.e. C or C would be an added advantage.

You will get deeper knowledge of the subject with more perfection after doing this course. Not only this you will be guided by industry expert trainers.

The course available for JavaScript is:

JavaScript Master Course

This is a 02 months course which is also available in classroom as well as online mode. to join this course knowledge of HTML and CSS is appreciated.

JavaScript Master Plus

To get advance level knowledge of JavaScript this course is preferred. It is a 03 months course. The proper guidance will be given to you by the professional trainers. Join this course for the best knowledge about the subject.

JavaScript Master Plus+

One of the most advanced JavaScript courses is here. This is going to be a 4 months course and covers everything that you need to learn to become an elite JavaScript.


This blog clearly explains the difference between these two high in demand languages. To learn Java join core java training institute in Delhi would be great. Also, for learning of JavaScript proper JavaScript course from JavaScript classes is preferred. Both the web courses are offered by our web design training institute under professional guidance.

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