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When you hear the word “the web” what comes to your mind? For most of us, it would be a beautifully designed aesthetic website that has some alluring colors, images, animation, videos and a little bit of textual information. Some people take it to posting selfies and updating statuses on their Instagram and Facebook profiles. While some prefer it for online shopping, or E-learning, whatever we do, undoubtedly today the web is an inseparable part of our lives. Let us not undervalue the power of web and the virtuosi of web designers and developers in weaving the web magic.

Whenever you have too many choices it is harder to actually decide to learn one language. We love options and alternatives, but more choices make it harder to decide. That is true for web design and development, too. That’s why to make it easy for you, in this blog we have listed some of the essential and career oriented web designing courses which every individual should think of pursuing in the year 2020.

Future of Web Design and Development

Web development is an incredibly rich field, with plenty of growth opportunities. Anyone who says it’s unnecessary to learn it now in this day and age, have a fundamental misunderstanding of what web developers do. At present, and for upcoming years, learning web development is going to be one of the most valuable skills you could possess. Web Designing is also a promising career opportunity which displays immense scope for interested candidates.

In India, IT or software industry is considered as one of the biggest industry, which provides a possible room for Web Designing as a career opportunity. Clients interested in getting their online presence established are approaching the software giants to get their sites designed. They are also required in the Media Industry like News or advertising agencies or even in the education industry developing educational websites and learning material for students.

Best Web Development and Designing Courses Offered by Our Institute

It’s true that for creating out a complete site, there is a need of thorough knowledge of full-stack development. And for that one has to go beyond the boundaries of languages. You have to understand the UI designing part along with the inner structure of the code. That is what is covering the below given courses.

Important web designing and development courses

1. Web Master Plus

It is 18 months super advanced course for individuals who are really interested in mastering in-depth concepts of site design, development, and promotion.

This course covers various verticals e.g. planning and designing for a user interface using high end design applications, UI development using HTML5, CSS3, a JavaScript framework, implementation of backend features using PHP, Node JS, MySQL, MongoDB, Python, Drupal, and WordPress.

You will learn advanced concepts of web promotion and internet marketing also.

This is a best course for the students and any one without the programming background. This course covers training of sites and web application at advanced level.

Skills you will gain from this course:

  • Amazing designing knowledge
  • Better drawing as well as visualization skills
  • In-depth knowledge of the UI development and sever-side languages
  • Various datatypes e.g. MySQL, SQL, MongoDB etc.
  • SEO and SMO
  • Coding standards, validation, debugging, and optimization
  • Domain, hosting, web maintenance etc.

2. Web Master

It is a 12 months diploma course and offered by our institute in Delhi​ that covers UI designing, UI development, server-side languages, and web promotion as we have in our Web Master Plus course but with all common and essential content.

This is a best course for a person with little programming knowledge.

Learning outcomes:

  • Better drawing as well as visualization skills
  • You will be pro in leading UI designing software such as Adobe Photoshop as well as Adobe XD
  • You will be pro in UI design prototypes
  • You will have complete knowledge of front end as well as back end development
  • Power and knowledge to rank the site with SEO skills

3. Web Premium

It is an 8 months advanced UI designing and development course offered by our training centre in Delhi. This course is recommended for both novice and professionals. Individuals will learn advanced web technologies like Adobe Photoshop, XD, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap, React etc.

Learning outcomes:

  • In-depth understanding of UI design process
  • Responsive websites
  • Visual grammar and commercial art
  • UI development using most advanced languages
  • Code optimization, validation, and deployment on server

4. Web Standard

It is a 4 months short-term web designing course where students will work on various technologies, and techniques. It is recommended for beginners who wants to make a career in Web Design industry.

5. UI Design Master Course

It is a 6 months course which gives you advanced level knowledge about UI design and gives specialisation in the same. It includes leading software as well as languages in the field of UI Designing such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Sketch, Zeplin etc. apart from overview of many useful programming languages.

Acquired skills in this course:

  • Drawing and sketching
  • Commercial art
  • Visual grammar
  • Pro in designing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator as well as XD
  • UI designing and its process
  • Brainstorming, wireframes, user-flow charts, prototyping etc.

6. UI Development Master

UI Development course is a 06 months course that aims at providing the complete ins and outs that are there in a UI development process. It includes, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, SASS, Angular and React.

It will definitely land you at the good working place as you will be guided by the industry experts.

What you can do after this course:

  • Master in front end development
  • Pro in implementing all the coding standards
  • Pro in developing responsive designs
  • Expert in code optimization, validation, and compression
  • Good in handling cross browser issues

7. Web Development Master

It is a 6 months diploma in advanced web development course where students will gain advanced knowledge of creating rich-featured sites and portals using JavaScript, Angular, PHP, Node.js and many more. If you have more interest in web development than web designing then this program is good for you. You need to be very good in HTML5 and CSS3 before joining this course.

Skills you will grasp after this course:

  • UI development languages and frameworks
  • Master of various server-side language
  • Expert in various databases
  • Pro in designing a perfect database
  • Database and code optimizations

8. Web Developer Standard

It is a 4 months short-term course in web development where students will learn technologies for developing simple website to e-commerce website with various features.

Please read all the differences between all our web designing and development courses.

Career in Web Design and Development

According to the stats provided by Bureau of Labour Statistics, you can see that there is wide scope for occupations that is going to grow for Computer related occupations as well as Web Developers. Also, we can see that Job opportunism for web developers comes at the top with the increase of 13%.

Employment is highly expected to be more in this field. This is because most of the companies that includes in the big brands are moving their business online as well.

Also, with responsiveness in websites people can access the same website on screens with different resolutions such as desktop as well as mobile phones, this turn gives more business to the companies.

Here is the list of career options that you can go for after successful completion of the Web design and development course:

  • Web designer
  • UI designer
  • Web developer
  • UI developer
  • Front end developer
  • Full stack developer
  • Back end developer

and many more options are there.

ADMEC offers best web designing and development courses in Delhi. These certificate and diploma courses can be pursued after the completion of 10th and 12th depending upon the course selection. The admission is completely based on first come first serve basis.

These are project-oriented courses in which you will build a strong foundation in design fundamentals while gaining practical exposure by creating professional UI, planning for rich UX based web templates, web ads, making interactive and dynamic websites, working with CMS platforms, creating FTP accounts, managing website performance etc. There is no age limit to apply for these courses. Students will get trained to develop skills with the help of industry experienced trainers.

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