Which App You should Learn from Apple Motion and After Effects?

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It was 2016 and we were in awe how graphic design has taken over the content marketing industry. Every single company was focusing on changing their strategy and involving graphic design into it.

Today, it is 2019, we will be welcoming 2020 in few days and We are still awestruck! But this time it isn’t the graphic designing. It is about the videos – its dominance, its ubiquity in the market.

How many times we have read that an image is worth a thousand words but with the time, digital landscape is transforming itself and we are blurring the boundaries that we have created on our own. If images are worth a thousand words, then videos are definitely worth a million for the industry.

Post digital revolution, the audience which every brand is targeting has become busier than ever. They don’t have time to wait, have a look and understand a complex design structure. 

And this is where video marketing comes in the play. When people are getting smarter, so does the companies. The recent trends of Forbes show that video has gained dominance over the marketing industry and has become #1 tool for promoting products and reaching a large audience at one time

I would obviously neither dwell upon the fact how videos works well with human mind because it is very clear that we can relate more with what we see in reality rather than static images nor I would tell you that videos provokes more sentiments in decision making process.

The important thing to stress over is that in this 21st century, we prefer word-of-mouth advertisements and personal recommendations from industry experts and video has become one of the modern word-of-mouth marketing tools.

The word-of-mouth is basically strategy where brands bring the social media influencers like Bollywood stars, sportspersons etc into the game where they recommend certain brand and tell people why customer should purchase that product.

There are several industry content marketing experts who are not in favour of these video dominance trend but the reality is marketing industry is left with no other option than adjusting.

Videos are dynamic and can very well communicate the context in relatively short period of time. Among the videos, it is motion and explainer videos which is attracting major public attention.

So now you have understood how videos are ruling the industry and I guess after reading this, you have made up your mind of adding video with the spice of animation and motion in your life.

Today, in this section of my article I’ll be talking about two industry leading software– Apple Motion and After Effects. The blog will also provide you details regarding which software you should choose, what are the differences between these two and why you should learn this?

Before diving deep into it let us gain the basic knowledge about them.

About Apple Motion and After Effects :-

Apple Motion

Developed by none other than Apple, it is stunning motion graphic software that let you do brilliant and splendid imaging Effects, video editing and allow you to create numerous motion graphics.

Unlike Adobe After Effects, this software does not come with extensive library option and plugin which makes it easy video editing software for beginners. It is considered as one of the biggest advantages of Apple motion that it offers a solid base even to beginners

Whether you want to create a text overlay or just want to play with motion graphics techniques, you can accomplish these and other thousands of tasks in almost 1/4th steps that it would take you in After Effects.

Motion allows its users to work on any resolution they want including 4K too. One of the major things that distinguishes it from Adobe’s software is that it comes at a relatively cheaper price that is $50 for once.

However, there are several drawbacks too which accompanies the software. No doubt, it is very easy to learn Apple motion but there are no additional libraries available to explore. The software also does not provide stunning results in case of 3D.

After Effects

After Effects is a leading motion graphics and compositing software developed by Adobe back in 1993 and lot of things has been changed since then. With this amazing software you can bring everything into the motion.

With After Effects, designers got the tool to add motion to their creativity. Unlike Apple Motion, Adobe’s After Effects runs well on both Mac and windows.

In After Effects, you can bring anything into reality but this can become a nightmare for beginners if they do not take proper training in After Effects courses. Besides being a versatile software, you can also consider this as one of the most comprehensive software after Premiere Pro by Adobe.

There are a lot of tools and plugins available in the market to enhance the capability of the software. With After Effects, you can create various logo animation, lower thirds, motion posters, explainer videos, GIFs and much more.

Whether you want to create a text motion Effects or motion poster, this software produces Hollywood level result and this will probably be the reason behind the popularity of the software.

Another advantage that comes with After Effects is its online library that comes with endless templates, plugins, tutorials and various other assets and this makes the software incredibly brilliant.

Motion vs After Effects

1. Prices

As Adobe says, “there’s nothing you can’t create with After Effects” and there’s no doubt in that. Leading professionals from industry rely heavily on its usage but when we look at the prices, It makes people think twice if they really want to go with After Effects or they can solve problems without it

The monthly subscription of After Effects costs almost $20 (INR 1420/-) whereas if we talk about Apple Motion it barely costs us $50 and that too we have to pay once.

That means $240 yearly vs $50 once.

That’s a really significant difference in price structure. But that doesn’t mean I’m shifting to Apple motion. It can nearly replace After Effects but it can become a suitable alternative option for beginners

If you are not someone for whom, motion graphic is a medium of income, you can go for Apple Motion because of its cheaper price and it will solve your basic purpose to some extent. However, if you want to become a professional motion graphic expert you have to learn the entire concept of After Effects.

2. Compatibility

When it comes to comparing both the software, I personally feel that comparison is a little unfair.

As far in my consideration, After Effects can do anything and everything related to motion graphics.

There’s one advantage that motion has is we can use readily available themes and templates to create titles but this is not enough to stand side by side with Adobe’s software.

 With After Effects, you can also do 3D work whereas Apple Motion doesn’t offer rich options to work with 3D.

Also, After Effects runs on both Windows and Mac whereas Apple motion is compatible with only Mac. 

3. Decision time

So, with all the considerations I would suggest you that you can go with both the software. There’s no hard and fast rule to choose among these software. You can select any as per your requirements.

 If you feel that Apple Motion is suitable for you because of its cheap price and your work is getting done with that, you can prefer it

Otherwise if you want to go for extensive and deep learning in Motion graphics, Adobe After Effects is the right tool for you.

In the industry, the more versatile skills you show the more it will be beneficial for you. If you learn both the software there will more opportunities for you to explore.

You can check out our excellent courses in After Effects and Apple motion.

Our expert faculty has brought an outstanding training program for you to learn the master skills required to be an elite motion graphic artist.

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So that’s a wrap from my side. I hope you got a clear review about both the software.

Stay tuned for more informative blogs. Till then, Keep Exploring!

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