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Tools have been developed to make the life of UI/UX designers easier. They provide time and space for making better design and think out of the box. There is a different range of tools i.e. design, development as well as web tools. They make the process fast and smooth. Also, the designs in this kind of tools gives better demonstration.

Now a day’s people are looking for such interactive tools so that it could be taken to another level and a different edge could be given to any design. Also, there has been better sharing options which has changed the game. To learn such tools, it is advisable to get professional advice as they know loopholes.

List of Tools that You Need to Be a Great UI and UX Designer are:



A tool which is based on vector designs. This helps in designing with better speed. The best and explicit feature that is there of this software is nested symbols. One more feature that I am sure all UI and UX designers must be liking is “export to code”. Though it is a plug in which has enhanced the features of sketch. This makes the development process faster. It is compatible with just MAC operating systems.

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If you are looking for something similar to Sketch as you don’t have MAC system then Figma is here for you. It is very interactive tool even for the designers, as it allows designers to comment at the time of designing.

It is fun to work with such a tool especially when design, development as well as product team comes together and work on the design together.

This works with both MAC as well as windows and one more amazing thing is that its free!!! Yes, you hear it right its free!

Framer X

Framer X

Do you want to give your designs an edge? Then work on Framer X. It has a precise path editor which will be of great help to you and will give an edge to your design. You can design anything from customised logos as well as icons to extraordinary illustrations.

Also, you can export you code in SVG as well as with CSS i.e. Cascading Style Sheet of that code which I think developers would like the most as they have to work less on that part.

It also works with MAC and windows and is free!!!



Have worked on Photoshop too much and so you want some advance software or tool to design UI and UX designs on something similar to that then Webflow is the best software that you will find on the web. It will be a great tool for all the non programmers who want to develop a website on their own. It has an amazing feature of exporting the HTML and CSS and then this code can be customised according to the customer needs.

It is also available for both MAC as well as windows and is free for 2 projects and after that it is chargeable.



This is software is also used by many UI and UX designers. It is compatible with sketch. You can create mobile as well as desktop application prototypes in this software. It helps to create the small interactions on the layers that are exported from the sketch.

It is also available for Windows as well as MAC.


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