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Photoshop has always been the first choice for many UI and UX designers since several years. Even today a lot of designers reply on photoshop for their UI designs. I even see most of the famous sites such as themeforest etc still using PSD files for web templates.

As the technology is getting advance, Sketch has taken its step into this world of UI and UX design in the year 2010. In last few years, sketch has become competition for photoshop as it is cheaper and is slowly and gradually stealing the hearts of professionals.

But, still a lot of people could not leave adobe because sketch was available for only MAC users and not for OS users. This was something which made sketch laid back.

But since the time is changing at faster pace: so is the time for adobe photoshop lovers. The big shift came into the lives of UI and UX designers with the release of Adobe XD i.e. Adobe Experience Design.

Adobe XD came with some commendable features in the year 2016 with updated version in the Adobe MAX at San Diego. It has brought all the designs to live.

It has some competitive features such as:

  • Prototyping of the UI designs, this helps in knowing that how will the website react to different events such as on click on the button, etc.
  • Its weight is too light as compared to Photoshop files.
  • Working with artboards is awesome in Adobe XD while the same is frustrating in Photoshop.
  • Plugins facility that is there in Adobe XD is what that adds on to make it an exemplary software and increased the playful field.
  • Here is something yet taking to another level i.e. voice triggers and speech which interacts with your prototypes and give the user experience like never before.
  • Auto-animate – Yes!!! you heard it right. Auto-animate feature in adobe XD leaves InVision software behind. The speed provided by Adobe XD is something that InVision needs to work on.
  • Not to forget this pointer that it is available for MAC as well as OS users.

Yes, you heard it right!!!

You must be wondering that most of these features are provided by the Sketch and InVision but dear see if you work with these two software apps then your workflow will go something like this:

i. You need to design in the Sketch.

ii. Then, have to publish it to InVision.

iii. Now, here you need to do prototyping and animation. 

iv. Share through the InVision and then collect feedback through the same.

v. And then back to step 1 and 2

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In this, it may be possible that first, you are doing all flatwork and then adding animation and to the design later!!!

So, this changing of software brings friction in the work and make it makes some process isolated which does not happen when you work with Adobe XD.

But, above all photoshop will remain the first software in use be it for UI and UX designers because the quality of images that you can create in photoshop cannot be designed in any other app.

And a website is all about attractive display and interactive nature.

Conclusion :

So, according to me future of Photoshop will be like Photoshop will always so hand in hand with Adobe XD or Sketch and Invision. Since there is no use of creating interactive designs if you are not adding attractive images in it, even if the whole website is amazingly interactive.

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