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Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe.

It is mainly used in the post-production process of film making and television production houses. It can also be used for

  • tracking
  • compositing and animation

It also functions as a very basic non-linear editor, audio editor and media transcoder.

There is a common problem at the time of facing an interview. Most of the Job seekers stumble through interviews as if the questions asked are not related to their field. The main reason behind it is lack of preparation. To sort out this issue we have prepared a list of latest After Effects Interview Question and Answers which helps you make you ahead of time so you will be ready to answer them with confidence.

Ques1. Name the file extension for After Effects projects?

Ans. .aep The file extension for Adobe After effects projects.

Ques 2. What is the purpose of key frames in After Effects?

Ans. The purpose of key frames are to:

  • set parameters for audio, motion, visual effects and many other properties for any image, object etc.
  • used for animation purpose, by setting key frames and adobe after effects properties, image can be moved as if it’s a video.

Ques 3. What is the full form of CTI and how does it function?

Ans. Full form of CTI is “Current Time Indicator”

Function of CTI: To control the time line of the footage in the composition panel. With the help of CTI, the footage can be moved forward or backward.

Ques 4. What is the key used for knowing how much area will cut out from the footage?

Ans. By pressing apostrophe (!) key on the composition panel, will show the area that will cut out from the footage.

Ques 5. Explain the function of scale? What are the control keys in the tool bar?

Ans. Function of Scale:

  • It makes a picture or an object, grow or shrink.
  • Once the picture is selected, a scale menu in the composition panel will appear. Click on the tab in front of the “scale” bar which is known as stop watch, and now the picture is ready to grow or shrink.

To control the size of the picture, on the right hand side of the “Scale bar” there is a number, for increasing and decreasing. With the help of numbers one can grow and shrink the size of the picture.

Ques 6. How to delete the previous time frame from the time frame panel?

Ans. The time frame will be indicated with a yellow dot, by clicking on that yellow button and pressing the delete button, previous time frame will be deleted.

Ques 7. Explain ‘ease in’ and ‘ease out’ in after effects?

Ans. Slowing down the speed of moving picture is termed as ‘ease in’. To bring it back to its original speed is known as ‘ease out’.

Ques 8. What is graph editor?

Ans. It appears in the corner of the composition panel on the right hand side. Graph editor can help in changing the rotation speed and the degree of rotation.

Ques 9. What do you understand by motion sketch?

Ans. Motion Sketch is an important feature in Adobe After Effects which allows to record keyframes for the movement of any layer with mouse in real time. This is reason it is called ‘Motion Sketch’: one can literally sketch the motion of an object in the scene.

  • For motion sketch, click on the window tab in menu bar and select Motion Sketch option from the window bar.
  • Now one can draw the path and make the image move accordingly.

Ques 10. What is a mask in Adobe After Effects and what is the short key used to select the image?

Ans. The mask is a technique by which one can select the specific area within the image or picture which needs to be modified while leaving the rest of the image steady

Short key to select image in mask is Ctrl+T(Windows) and Command+T(Mac).

Most of the Job Applicants believe in the notion that being called in for an interview is being guaranteed a position. Employers will hire a suitable candidate only on the basis how a candidate performs in a job interview. This is the reason we have prepared above list of After Effect Interview Question and Answers which can help you crack any interview.

If you have any other question which you want to discuss with us, then feel free to mention it in comments section and we will surely help you by answering it

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