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White Board Animations

White board animations have become a trend in the industry recently and it has successfully garnered special attention from the audience. They are used to make people understand complex things in a simpler way. Look at some of the best whiteboard animation videos created by our brilliant students that are on spot.

Photo Gallery

Slideshows are one of the coolest ways to capture the target audience. Whether it is related to any business presentation or if you want to keep your special memories safe, slideshow can make it more memorable. With creativity and digital software look how you can turn a simple slideshow into an interesting video. Have a […]

Title Animations

Have you ever imagined what you can do with text and some shapes?  With industry leading software like After Effects and Premiere Pro our students have added life to these motionless objects. The movement and special effects have resulted in some effortlessly beautiful title animation videos that you can check out here.

Logo Animation

Logos are one of the viable aspects of company branding that cannot be avoided at any cost. adding motion to a still logo can create a long-lasting impact on the mind of viewers and can leave in their mind for a longer period of time. You can also learn to create brilliant logo designs just […]

Digital Paintings

Digital painting has turned out to be an exciting platform. It is a perfect blend of traditional techniques with modern software and technology.  With rigorous practice and guidance of faculties students have gained advanced understanding of colors, lighting and shadows with other fine details.

Photo Editing

Photoshop and Lightroom are indisputable king of photo editing world and once you will explore these apps, there’s no looking back. You can create various fun filled, exciting images. check out how students have explored their creative sides

Photo Manipulation

Photoshop has opened up a new world for designers and it has allowed them to push their creativity levels and explore the unexplored sections. They can turn their imagination into reality with this brilliant software.  Check out some extremely amazing work by our students.

Matte Paintings

Matte paintings look stunning and impeccable. You can create breath-taking views using matte painting. Understand the illuminating and lighting effect in detail with matte paintings and check out some stunning work.

Special Effects in Photoshop

Video editing will be incomplete with special effects. Special effects enhance the visual quality of videos. They speak volume about the artist and his skills. Under the guidance of professional faculty, our students have created some breath-taking special effects video. Have a look at them now!

Text Effects

Who would have thought that text will become an interesting element in the design? Artists turned their feelings into creativity by playing with text. Adding different materials and effects to text turned out to be a part of their sheer brilliance and creativity. Following the same path our students also created beautiful text effects that […]
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