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Slideshows are one of the coolest ways to capture the target audience. Whether it is related to any business presentation or if you want to keep your special memories safe, slideshow can make it more memorable. With creativity and digital software look how you can turn a simple slideshow into an interesting video. Have a look over the brilliant work done by our students.

Photographs are tangible links that can take us to different moments in our life. Through editing software, we teach how they can make these memories more beautiful.

Deepak BhadauriaSr. Animation Faculty
Photo gallery animation in After Effects
Photo Gallery Animation
Design by: Mohit Kapoor
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
Wedding Slideshow Animation in After Effects
Wedding Slides
Design by: Subhankar
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
7 Wonders of World Presentation in After Effects
7 Wonders
Design by: Preeti Saini
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
ADMEC's Students Exploring Latest Printing Technologies
Printing Press 
Design by: ADMEC
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
A Photo Gallery of India | An Insight to India
Insight To India
Design by: ADMEC
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
Outdoor Art & Sketching Sessions | Nature Study Sessions
Outdoor Sketching
Design by: ADMEC
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
Industrial Trip to Delhi College Of Art Exhibition 2019
Trip to Arts College
Design by: ADMEC
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria
10 Most Beautiful Snakes in the World - A Presentation Created in After Effects
Beautiful Snakes 
Design by: Kumar Gaurav
Guide by: Deepak Bhadauria

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