Shapes Activities

Unique corporate identity holds a remarkable place for companies and business houses. They need their branding to be modern contemporary and unique at the same time. Take a look at how our students blend Creativity, good color sense and passion to go beyond boundaries in one frame.

Types of Layout

Layouts are one of the most essential assets for designers. Layouts form the main component of design structure. There are various layouts available to designers check out these brilliant works by our students to know more.


Getting your hands on paper is equally important as being proficient in designing software.  We’ve rounded up some stunning cartoon designs from our students which are carefully designed by them.


From live painting sessions to capturing abstract beauty, our students have beautifully brought out various concepts through the movements of brushes and colors. Our students have provided a unique perspective to every concept. Have a look at some incredible work from our students.

Manual Posters

Posters are required to captivate a large number of attention from the audience. For designers, it is essential to prepare a draft on paper first and then take it on digital software. With guidance from our Arts Faculty, our students have created some impeccable designs.  Check out these stunning manual poster design ideas.

Logo Ideas

We don’t live in the black and white world, things which look unusual, unique and interesting leaves a raw, subtle and long-lasting impact on the mind of viewers Look at some amazing logo ideas created by our students.


Who doesn’t know what power logo holds in defining a brand. While opening  doors of creativity, we teach our students to push their boundaries and create something that resonates well with the contemporary world.

Color Schemes

Colors are an essential part of design. They set the mood of design. With the right color combination, you can even turn an ordinary design into extraordinary. To teach our students the right color theory, we provide various exercises and activities. Have a look at how our students add a pinch of creativity in learning […]

Clay Modelling

Who doesn’t love to play with clay. Look how our students have brought their inner creative person to reality and created several objects and elements in a professional manner. 

Outdoor Sketching Work

For an artist, inspiration lies everywhere. We organise outdoor sketching sessions to make our students more creative. Check out this portfolio section to explore how students.
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