Day To Night

Photoshop is indeed a boon for designers but it is beneficial for architects also. Photoshop is widely used to create day and night situations of beautiful structures. Look at the creative side of our students.

Color Correction

Photoshop is no doubt an indisputable king of the image editing industry.  Used by professionals across the globe, Photoshop has become a ‘go-to’ tool in the image editing domain. You can also master this software and create stunning work like our students did.  Have a look at the gallery below.

3d Effects

I can feel the real sense with 3D effects.  3D is one of my favorite topics as it brings a  sense  of curiosity and adds a depth to flat perspective, giving us a new dimension to look at.

Mechanical Projects

CAD software can also be used to produce to simplify the mechanical project process. CAD software complements and fulfills various requirements of mechanical engineers. By collaborating Mechanical knowledge with CAD software, Our students have created some amazing projects. Check out these projects in the section below.

Electrical Projects

CAD software are truly versatile software, apart from architects, it is a boon for engineers also. These software has simplified the work process of engineers. They can now create models and projects using these software. Check out how our students have made some electrical projects.

Civil Projects

With the expanding sphere of the digital world, technology is changing with each passing day. Collaboration of engineering knowledge with digital software has become a boon for millions of engineers out there. Using the CAD software, our students have produced high quality designs. Check them out now!

CAD Walkthrough

Walkthrough transforms your vision into reality. CAD Walkthrough helps architects and engineers to showcase their skills in an impactful manner. They can communicate with their audience in a more effective manner. Watch out how our students used CAD to create stunning walkthrough designs.

Architectural Visualization

For architects, visualization is vital. They need to prepare the entire draft of the project by visualizing each and every element of the design of the structure. They can turn their vision into a model and can present the same to their audience. Watch some of the finest works by our students.

Interior Modelling

With the emergence of digital architecture design tools, things have become easier for interior designers and architects. Using these tools, they produce the model which represents how things will look in reality. They can modify things as per their requirements and that too without any hassles. Check out some cool interior design projects by our […]

Architectural Model

Our students not only know how to work brilliantly on digital software rather they also know how to get work done through traditional mediums too. For us, both traditional and contemporary designs approaches are essential so we asked our students to make live models of the exterior designs and they turn out to be amazing. […]
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