Portrait Drawings

Artists have different ways of appreciating art. Portrait drawing is capturing the humans in drawing. With the guidance of our Fine arts faculty, our students spend a rigorous amount of time and effort in learning the portrait making. Check out impeccable work by our students.

Still Life

Still life includes picturising things that we see on a daily basis on canvas in such a way that it looks almost alive. Still life art adds life to inanimate objects & adds  a sense of versatility and depth to a designer's portfolio. Check out the amazing work by our students in this domain.


Perspective adds a new dimension to the drawing. Understanding perspective helps students to add realistic touch to drawing. Through perspective, you can turn complex drawings into simpler ones. Explore some stunning perspective design and how our students have tried to present a different ‘Perspective’ of the world.


Sketching gives solid base to contemporary ideas through traditional art form. We've collected the best hand drawn illustrations by our students in this portfolio. Our students have worked on fine details to produce some stunning designs. Graphic designers, illustrators alike, we have inspiration for everyone. Check out this amazing portfolio.

Abstract Art

Never let doubt limit your creative senses. Abstract art is considered as the purest form of expression and allows artists to communicate without any bounding. Through sketching classes, we teach our students how to push their physical and virtual boundaries. Check out the stunning abstract designs created by our students

Digital Paintings

Digital painting has turned out to be an exciting platform. It is a perfect blend of traditional techniques with modern software and technology.  With rigorous practice and guidance of faculties students have gained advanced understanding of colors, lighting and shadows with other fine details.
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