Auto CAD 3D

AutoCAD software is capable of turning any idea into 3d model. With dozens of advanced tools and techniques,  students learn to create 3D models. We’ve rounded up the best designs for your references. Have a look at them below.

Plan Rendering

Who would ever think that even Photoshop can be a rescuer for Architects. Photoshop can be  used to prepare amazing plan renderings and our students. Under the guidance of experienced faculty our students have also created appealing architectural designs. Check them out in this section.


Photoshop is stunning software to create patterns. With endless opportunities to offer, photoshop has become leading software used by professionals across the world. You can also create beautiful textures using Photoshop. Check out some designs that we have shared here for your inspiration.


Textures created in photoshop look stunning as well as realistic. Using different tools and filter galleries, you can create beautiful texture designs. Have a look at how our students used photoshop software to create splendid designs.

Auto CAD Plans

AutoCAD software can be used to create stunning architectural plans. The software is popular among professionals across the globe. With the help of expert faculty, our students have also produced architectural plans. Here, we have presented some best designs for your references. Check them below.

Environment Design

With 3d modelling software it has become quite easy for game designers, architects and engineers to visually present their ideas and thoughts to their audience. With the help of digital apps, they easily create different environments which look more real. We've summed up our favorite environment designs created by our students. Have a look at […]

Digital Paintings

Digital painting has turned out to be an exciting platform. It is a perfect blend of traditional techniques with modern software and technology.  With rigorous practice and guidance of faculties students have gained advanced understanding of colors, lighting and shadows with other fine details.

Photo Editing

Photoshop and Lightroom are indisputable king of photo editing world and once you will explore these apps, there’s no looking back. You can create various fun filled, exciting images. check out how students have explored their creative sides

Photo Manipulation

Photoshop has opened up a new world for designers and it has allowed them to push their creativity levels and explore the unexplored sections. They can turn their imagination into reality with this brilliant software.  Check out some extremely amazing work by our students.

Special Effects in Photoshop

Video editing will be incomplete with special effects. Special effects enhance the visual quality of videos. They speak volume about the artist and his skills. Under the guidance of professional faculty, our students have created some breath-taking special effects video. Have a look at them now!
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