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Yet advanced programs is offered by the ADMEC Multimedia Institute in the era of Advertising Design, we proudly announce that ours is the only Institute offering the program which contains the following features:

Professional Training in Advertising Design at ADMEC

At ADMEC we teach our students in such a manner that web Designer after a Comprehensive training automatically becomes Graphic Designer as well and vice versa. The Institute is offering the program on Graphic Designing and Web Designing separately and also in a combined package, the combo program is suitable for those professionals/students who are willing to obtain professionalism but have a very limited time at their disposal.

Since going for two different programs would consume 1 and a half year and the combined program (Advertising design) will take only 12 months to complete and will also be cost effective and time saver. With the same results about the professional efficiency. A brief account of the features is given below:

Web designing: The design for a website. A website such as a wholly text one might not have any graphics in it at all. Web design overlaps graphic design in the graphics and overall appearance (layout) and flow of the site/pages, but web design also includes all the technical aspects of creating a website, such as the coding past basic layout.

Web designing is an integral and significant part of IT industry. Various private Technical institutes in India provide certificate courses in Web Designing. Web designer has to concentrate on designing graphics and layout. A web designer should be visually artistic. A web designer should have a flair for creating a design flow. All the Software industries require well-qualified web designers to lead the industry at the top rank.

Graphic Design: A graphic designing process encompasses employing various techniques to compose an image from various other images, colors, level of opacity etc to bring about the desired result Graphic design includes logos and print design. Graphic Design includes anything in the world that you see that has been created and printed (or displayed as part of a layout). This can be ads, magazines, newspaper layouts, newspaper ads, billboards, logos, brochures, books, decals you find on toys, CD labels & booklets, movie posters, and so much more.

It encompasses all things in the print world Graphic design often refers to both the process (designing) by which the communication is created and the products (designs) which are generated because of increasing demand of graphic designers, many people are opting career in this creative field. Ones need to complete a Graphic Design courses in India to start the career as a graphic designer. The candidate applying for these courses should have genuine interest in graphic designing and a creative bent of mind.

At ADMEC we develop and educate our students in a way which grooms them into the perfect and successful professionals.

Educational Requirements to Join Our Advertising Design Courses:

Design can be a gray part in matters of education since many have succeeded in the field without any official education. Even those who aim to put up their own advertising design firm can advantage from taking and completing courses in art, marketing, and business management.

Novice designers are typically required by highly regarded firms to undergo on-the-job training for a number of years before they can qualify for higher positions. Since current advertising strategies are becoming more and more technologically driven, budding advertising designers who are well-known with computer-aided design software have a clear advantage over those who have no information of it whatsoever.

Job Description:

An Art Designer (AD) is the individual responsible for designing ads, websites, outdoor media and brochures for an advertising agency on behalf of its clients. The AD makes and then maintains the visual look for all the work on an account, making sure the client’s marketing materials are visually engaging and the selling message is clear.

In a world more and more driven by computer and mobile phone screens, the visual component of marketing has become even more essential, elevating an AD’s importance. A high-quality art director translates marketing strategy into a visual language that speaks to the target audience and expresses the brand equity.

Salary Information:

Those who have an advertising design experience can expect to earn about $38,000 when beginning their career. Salaries may vary depending on one’s position within a company and the skill level they acquire.

Special Skills:

  • capability to translate marketing strategy into persuasive layouts, logos and packaging
  • Strong background in design
  • Willingness to work long hours
  • Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Flash, QuarkXPress, PowerPoint and other programs
  • HTML, PHP and other Web experience is often required
  • Ability manage a project from concept through production, in multiple media

Career Opportunities after Advertising Design Training:

There are numerous career options for the advertising design graduate. The skills will train you for both advertising and design positions, should you choose to branch out into other fields. Your particular aptitudes and interests will determine which career path you follow; it may be creative in nature, or business-oriented, depending on your strengths. Creativity, the ability to communicate, and a competitive nature will go a long way toward a successful career in advertising design.

Here are a few career options for the advertising design:

  • Account manager– Responsible for communicating with customers and selling a company’s services. A thorough knowledge of design elements, the ability to communicate well and a talent for sales will aid this career choice.
  • Advertising manager– Will manage a whole advertising department. This job is highly business-oriented, but knowledge of advertising design will be very useful.
  • Product promoter– Sell a product, idea or service to a retailer or customer. This career will require a talent for selling and knowledge of advertising design components.
  • Graphic designer– Design logos, Web pages, graphics and other aspects of an advertising campaign. The applicant should be artistic and knowledgeable about current design software in order to pursue this career.
  • Art director– Supervise other designers and oversee various projects. Art directors will make larger decisions concerning an advertising campaign or client. The career requires significant professional experience.
  • Creative director– Responsible of all creative aspects of a department. Will direct designers on ad copy, visual design and multimedia aspects of an advertisement. Also requires main career experience.

Advertising Design is a vast field in itself which covers the essential concepts of designing, promotion of products and marketing and to understand it deeply you need highly specialized training. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is the finest institute in Delhi which offers professional and hard core training in advertising designing and equip the students with the essential knowledge of design and product marketing strategies. To know more about advertising and graphic designing etc. explore our placement oriented Multimedia Courses.

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