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Recent analysis of the market by the experts showed that, there are a number of existing and upcoming professionals in every field. Talking particularly about the Digital Media and Animation industry, it offers several highly paid career options in advertising, marketing, entertainment, education, designing, information technology, etc. It’s an established fact that a field doesn’t specify the success of a person rather than the hard-work and effort put in by that person determines his or her future.

As per a popular saying,” if you have to play a game then you should understand all the rules and regulations of that game, then only you can survive and win that game.” That is if you’ll not act professionally then you might not able to survive in today’s competitive corporate world. Being professional means an individual possesses the proficient skills and knowledge in a particular field and also depicts that he is highly focused, sharp minded and sincere towards their working. A professional designer or animator is expected to follow all that principles and rules of social graces that showed the respect for their profession, colleagues at workplaces, clients and the target audience. Now let us discuss about the qualities that a professional designer or animator must posses.

Attributes possess by a Professional Animator

For an individual to be a professional designer or animator knowing their job profile solely won’t be sufficient. To sustain a position in the long run, they need to possess that X factor in them so they’ll prove themselves better than the others when a comparison is made. Some of the qualities or attributes are listed below.

Excellent Artistry Skills

The vision of the animators or professional designers should be artistic and at the same time they should know the best application of their skills. The level of creativeness should be very high within the persons who work as Designers and Animators. Their perspective to look at things should be completely different and creatively seen. As it’s a universal truth that everyone has its own perception.

Proficient About the Techniques of Animation

A professional Animator and/or designer should have soundest understanding of all the techniques and technology utilized in animation. They should be expert in the usage of widely used animation software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Eyeon Fusion, Adobe premiere Pro, 3Ds Max, Maya, etc. They should be expert in character deformation practice and have a strong desire to function in a technical support role.

Master the Art of Drawing

Apart from having a strong command over their verbal and written communication skills, the professional designers or animators are expected to have a strong command over their art and sketching. A good animator is valued for its prime quality designs; thus the larger preciseness of designing, higher is going to be the demand within the market.

Familiarity of Learning Curves of Animation

Animation being an extremely creative field comprises of various difficulty levels or learning curves. Up-gradation in technology and a fast launch of advance applications calls for intensive studies on the part of a professional animator or designer. That is professionals should keep themselves updated with all the present and new software available in the animation market. Moreover one shouldn’t see himself as a highly knowledgeable person rather he or she should consider himself as a learner and emphasize upon optimizing their skills.

Execution of Projects as per Client’s Requirement

professional Animator and Designer should listen and understand to his client’s perspective very carefully and with patience and then work on his assignment. The fulfillment of his client’s mission should be the supreme target for them rather than targeting on making money. Also they have to understand the meaning of a deadline as in the current scenario time is a very precious resource in any business.

In addition to the above the professional animators or designers should take inspiration from the work and achievements of a number of the best animators of the word and may follow their footsteps. Additionally they should also concentrate on minute detailing, body mechanics and correct posing of their characters as this provide a realistic appearance to them (characters).

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