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Ever wondered – Why people or students tend towards internship after graphic design training/course more often before joining a firm.

When you are done with a professional graphic design training whether it was a long term diploma course or short term certificate program, you need proper practice and practical experience if your target is big. “The bigger the dreams are, the more hard work you need.

It is no secret that the Graphics design industry is so damn competitive and you need to map out your career path smartly. Start your journey with a junior designer profile; let’s know the basic needs to sharpen up all important edges.

Importance of Internship before freelancing

Before you start freelancing, you are positively advised to join an internship as this will refine your technical skills, enhance active participation in different projects that will help you to think creatively.

Rather being working alone, an internship enables you to interact with other working colleagues too to share ideas and discuss concepts as well.

  • Trainers or seniors keep checking your work and you are advised – how to improve, how to take a start, “what are things to focus on, how to concentrate on details, how to improve on design aesthetics till finalization.

Work experience matters

Required Work Experience for an Intern

Internships show you the real challenges you will deal with in your independent career profile. Relevant and artistic projects will stand you head and shoulders above the competition to gain something futuristic.

Internships add one more star to your profile or certificate when you will be applying for junior designer position as good firms need more chalked-up candidates who are curious as well as smart workers.

Skills you need

Graphic Design Intern Skills Set
  1. Deep practical knowledge of design software – Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, Indesign, etc. If you know any other software too, it can be a perk to your profile.

This offbeat career option is actually pretty demanding that’s why one needs to pursue professional Graphic design diploma/certificate courses.

  1. Better understanding of design aesthetics and color theory.
  2. You must value time management as graphic designers deal with multiple projects at the same time varying different deadlines.
  3. At last, there is something which you can’t afford to ignore and that is your communication skills i.e this does not mean – “aapko english aani hi chahiye – No, it means – you should understand what a person wants to convey you and what is the demand so that you may deliver him/her the expected results.

Designers to-do list

Graphic Design Intern to-do List

Being an intern, you need to follow what your seniors or mentors are asking you to do. Moreover, the main task starts once a client meeting is done and a new project starts.

  1. You will meet the art director for complete detail and to determine the expectation or need of the project.
  2. Pen down all the important ideas crawling inside your mind to act on it later.
  3. Use technical skills, perfect software, good illustration, appropriate images and editing software to create a design.
  4. Decide proper typefaces and select perfect colors in order to create a layout.
  5. Moreover, present your work to the senior or art director for correction and improvements.
  6. Make appropriate changes advised by the art director and client for final review.

Internship program leads you to an edge where you will be a complete designer with little experience and mentally strong to face challenges. You want to know what a graphic designer’s daily life looks like.

Pros and cons of internship after graphic design training in India

Pros and Cons of Internship in Graphic Designing in India

Pros– Variation and quality!! You will be working on different projects and with all different projects you can easily refine the things you lack, you will know how to make a balance design and a lot more things.

Cons– Completely engaged, or burnout!! You have to meet deadlines as well as be focused as mistakes are considered as a big risk to lose clients or project.

Career progress procedure

Career after Graphic Design Internship in India

Once you start as an intern, you start gaining knowledge and experience but patience is the key to achieve big in this industry. A creative freelancer says –

“You need to be hard working, passionate and reliable, as well as prepared to do the less desirable jobs”.

Ben Topliss words

Let’s see the career progress of a junior graphic designer –

Following the below mentioned pattern, you can achieve something interesting

Graphic design intern – freelance designer – graphic designer – senior designer – leads to many options such as :

  • You can easily be a project manager
  • An art director then designation marketing director (with 5+ year experience)
  • You can be a marketing and creative director (with 8+ year experience)
  • You can be a user interaction designer then manager (with 8+ year experience)
  • Marketing communication manager (with 7+ year experience)
  • Director of User experience designing (with 10+ year experience)
  • Freelance project manager (an independent option)
  • Digital marketing and content manager (with few specialization)

Actually this is an endless list as graphic designing is a field with no limited career options if you are making a continuous progress and updating yourself with time and latest applications.

What you will gain in an internship

Internship Benefits in India

A continuous procedure of learning and working as an intern gives you tons of opportunities –

  1. A better understanding of yourself like where you fit in the industry
  2. You become quite confident while working with professionals
  3. Every day with the new project, you get exposure to new skills
  4. You can have a clear vision of your career as well as a good chance of employment based on experience and projects.
  5. Internship proves to be an additional achievement when you go for an interview. The overall experience helps you to answer properly.

Let’s have a look at a few important things that you need to consider for your graphic design interviews and get some design interviews’ do’s and don’ts as well.

ADMEC Multimedia is an open space to internship just after graphic design training.

This institute believes in a practical training approach to refine students before stepping into industry. Students with graphic design backgrounds are offered various tasks after a small test; also they are guided by expert trainers every day.

A complete professional internship with properly assigned timing and sitting space is provided to all the interns.

Certificate of Internship after graphic design training

Once they complete their internship which is of different duration such as – 3 months and 6 months, a certificate is given which is also a perk to their profile.

Thus, internship now-a-days plays an important role especially in the graphic design industry which proves to be very useful to achieve your dreams.

To know in detail about our internship procedure, please contact us or mail us at

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