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How will be the future of web development in next 5 years? Let’s see.

25 years ago, in 1995, India was introduced to the internet. It has been more than two and a half decades and today India has become the second country with the highest numbers of internet users. The Internet has become a basic necessity after food, water, air and shelter. 

With the passage of time, development in web and digital platforms created tremendous opportunity for people and this growth forced the business organization to make a transition to online and social media platforms.

Having a website in today’s scenario adds to the credibility of the organization and considering the pandemic situation, the web development and design industry has flourished like never before.

When people were locked inside their house, their mobile phones and internet was the first thing they turned towards and the sudden shift resulted in the exponential rise of the digital industry.

COVID acted as the inflexion point for different enterprises and forced them to digitize themselves- that means to have a website and strong presence over social media to sustain in the changing conditions.

Looking at the Future of Web Development in Next 5 Years

Web development industry has witnessed several phases and when businesses are extremely dependent on their apps or websites, the industry has come out in a distinctive way.

Adding to that, the industry turns out to be very dynamic- that never rest and with every passing minute, it is changing itself.

However, there are certain trends that are going to rule the industry for coming years and will definitely revolutionize it.

1. Movement/ Motion User Interface

Image Source: behance.net

Client experience has become the top priority of business organizations. Websites that provide seamless experience to customers get more attention. Appealing components and intriguing pages with vivid color palette and easy navigation conveys the larger impact and adds life to dull and boring pages. It also improves customer engagement.  If used intelligently, motion UI design can bring a lot of business to an organization.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Nobody can deny the fact that artificial intelligence has stored the future of the Web development industry in itself. Many leading organizations say, Google and Microsoft have also launched AI based technology. Reports also suggest that by 2022 AI industry will reach close to $3.9 trillion. Not only corporate giants but also many small associations are turning towards AI technology to make their application versatile. According to Tractica, a market research firm, the AI industry is going to witness the massive growth with revenues increasing to 126 billion by 2025.

3. Internet of Things

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that IoT has become the backbone of the web development industry and in distant time it is going to flourish even more. The development in the IoT is moving towards ruling the entire industry. The technology is created to simplify the life management and web developers might be using this technology in a lot of fields of information and data analysis.

Most common example of Iot is fitness bands that have become a growing trend in the market. Fitness bands are used to monitor the health goals and concerns. They can track information of users which can be used further.  Soon the future website will also have similar features like Alexa, offering the best solution for management.

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4. Virtual Reality and Expanded Reality

Image Source: pexels.com

While virtual and expanded reality has already been ruling the industry since past few years, it will continue to dominate in the future of web development industry too. The developers use virtual reality to provide a stimulating environment to its user through which they can engage their customer. Users get the opportunity to experience the 3d world in real time.

Not only it improves customer satisfaction but also helps the companies to present their vision of the virtual world in the real world. Samsung is one such company that is spending tons of their income on AR and VR.

5. Dynamic web application

Image Source: evernote.com

In Dynamic web applications, users don’t have to download the application rather they can access it over the web. Dynamic web applications are making its place among versatile applications. With its advanced capacities, ability to work on different gadgets, and portability, it has become a favorable choice among users.

6. Blockchain

Image Source: forbes.com

Innovations in blockchains are appreciated by web developers all around the world. It has made tremendous advancement in security and information. Improvements in blockchain have made it conceivable for developers to store and control information.

7. Single page applications

Image Source: freepik.com

Web applications are swiftly replacing the old desktop versions and also turning out to be more convenient in use. They are not bound to only one device and offer easy updation. Users are turning towards web based applications and if you are also thinking to develop your own application then Single page application can become a viable option for you

A single page application is an app that works inside the browser and in which you are not required to reload the page again and again as it contains all the important information at one place.

Gmail, Facebook, Github are few examples of such applications.

8. Pop up messages

Future of Web Development: Pop up messages

To end the list, what can be a better option than flourishing pop-up messages. They are seen as one of the most powerful elements to catch the attention of the user. They help you to convey your ideas, exercises and many other elements to clients. However, you should also refrain yourself from using it in an uncontrolled manner for continuous pop-ups can also annoy the users.


The field of web development in expanding, flourishing and improving; covering up the majority of its imperfections and difficulties. Looking back at past years, no one can deny how the web industry has evolved by bringing all the new trends and technologies into practice.  2021 is the perfect time to discover the industry that has the potential to refresh your abilities.

As a web developer, one needs to be updated with changing trends taking place across the globe. We, here at India’s best web development training institute i.e ADMEC, bring a wide variety of web development courses that will not only prepare you with the skills required in the web industry but also transform you into a complete asset for the organization.

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