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CorelDraw Master Course
Graduation Not Required
02 Months
Training Type
Classroom, Online
Training Mode
Fast Track, Regular, Weekends

If you want to master the art of vector drawing and have interest in building brand’s identity, then this course is perfect for you.

If you want to master the indisputable king of DTP industry, then this is the course for you. 

With CorelDraw you can create wonderful vector illustrations, layouts and with this,  it also allows you to do a bit of retouching as it comes with basic retouching tools also. Learn how can you create splendid business stationery like letterheads, envelop, visiting cards, logos under the guidance the of expert faculty. 

  • Training from industry experts
  • Expertise in brand identity creation
  • Textile designing
  • Projects and assessment procedure


 Software Key Takeaways
  • CorelDRAW
  • Introduction to CorelDraw Interface
  • Sizes & Measurements
  • Overview of Visual Grammar
  • Design Basics, Principles and Elements
  • Vector Drawing
  • Pattern and Texture Design
  • Illustrations & Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Identity Designing
  • Print Ready Files etc.


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CorelDraw is a tool used to make vector art. In CorelDraw, editing tools allow the user to adjust contrast, color balance, change the format from RGB to CMYK, add special effects such as vignettes and special borders. It is also capable of handling multiple pages based design projects. This is a short-term certificate course offered at reasonable fees keeping in mind latest trends of all the design industries like graphic design, textile design, fashion design, automobile design etc.

ADMEC is one of the best graphic design training institutes in Delhi with high-tech infrastructure and lab facilities. This tool is recommended for every designer who wants to benefit from its features like increased speed, accurate color control, enhanced vector illustration tools, and additional design capabilities

Entry requirements

These programs will allow you to develop design and technical skills, learn what are some requirements to join this professional certificate course.

Familiarity with Windows or Mac operating system

Basic understanding of computer skills and internet

Prior knowledge of Photography is expected

10+2 or Intermediate or equivalent

Who can join this course

Anyone – a designer or non-designer. CorelDraw is a multi-purpose tool for each type of designer.

If want to learn for textile designing or fashion designing; you must possess a basic understanding of it

Career opportunities

This program will make you a versatile artist. You can work under these profiles after completing the program.

Layout Artist, Cover Designer, Packaging Designer, Creative Graphic Professional, Logo Designer, Texture Artist, Patter Designer for Textile etc.

Course structure and modules

The course is well organized with detailed explanation. This will help students in learning in-depth concepts efficiently.

This course will help students in learning in-depth concepts of this software. It will teach you how to make stunning logos, visiting cards, business letterheads, envelopes etc. Learn to design textile based floral patterns

We will cover topics in the most comprehensive manner. Under this course you will learn these concepts in detail:

• Introduction to CorelDraw
• Working with Shapes & Tools
• Working with Objects
• Arrangement of Objects
• Special Effects in CorelDraw
• Text and Paragraph
• Working with Bitmaps
• Printing in CorelDraw
• Creating Styles and Templates

Learning outcomes

Once you complete the program, according to your selected specialization you will be efficient in these concepts:

• Logo Designs
• Vector Illustrations – Product, Fashion, Backgrounds etc.
• Stationery Design
• Brand’s Identity Design
• Texture and Patterns etc.

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