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Hi, based on our experiences and vast knowledge in Graphic Designing, we would like to share some of the important differences between Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. This is something very important and we have seen people asking and little confuse about these two applications.

Presently Illustrator and CorelDraw serves as the two most sophisticated graphic design software widely used in the graphic design industry. Both Illustrator and CorelDraw are vector-based illustration software, developed to deliver fast results and to meet the demands of our graphic designing professionals and graphic artists and knowledge of both apps is must if you are looking for a career in graphic designing.

Now let’s look at the major differences between the two graphic designing software.



Year introduced and the creator

Adobe Illustrator came into light in 1986 on the other hand CorelDRAW was launched in the next year, 1987. Adobe Systems and Corel Corporations are the main creators of Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW respectively.

Uses and functionality

Adobe Illustrator is used as a vector graphics editor for drawing various types of things such as designing logos, drawing maps, illustrations, packaging design, etc.

Adobe Illustrator is considered as the most versatile software for vector based work and has attracted designers more towards its creative and amazing features because of its viable range of functions and features available that has attracted creative designers all over the globe. Whereas,

CorelDraw is a drawing program from Corel, mainly used to create varied types of documents ranging from visiting cards to big hoardings. This is a successful software to design vector projects and has been designer’s first choice in the printing industry in India.

Both applications have some great points here so none is a winner but we can decide it according to our work and need of the project.

Learning Curves

CorelDraw software is user-friendly and has lesser learning curves i.e. anyone can learn it, It’s easy to use 3-point curves in CorelDRAW which specifies height and width easily and with this tool, you can create any shape such arch, symmetrical, and circular curves without manipulating original points called “nodes” and these curves can easily be controlled with the help of Shift and Ctrl buttons.

Many tutorials are available online and this application can be learnt easily with the help of online stuff.

While, Adobe Illustrator is regarded as matured software, involving stiff learning curves. Illustrator has different tool sets and curves are controlled with the Curvature tool. You can create different points and complete the shape by joining different points.

Even many tutorials are uploaded on the internet by different experts but still one needs proper training from a good graphic design institute for learning Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is a vast software with so many tools and features that differs it from CorelDRAW so this is not possible without proper training.

Here if we compare them on the basis of ease then CorelDraw 🙂 is the winner clearly while Illustrator not.


When it comes to functionality, both the applications are best according to its tools and industrial purpose.

Although both software offer great functionality and features as well as it looks quite easy to work in CorelDraw.

According to experts, vector work can be easily manipulated or created in Corel but it lacks so many features that Adobe illustrator can work well. When you will use this application, it takes little time i.e. application works with friction.

Adobe Illustrator can be so much more fun to its users because of its variable features. Gradients, colors, vectors etc. are exquisite while working in Illustrator.

If a person uses both the applications then there are 99% chances to know the difference and be more satisfied with Illustrator than CorelDraw due to its smooth working style and compatibility with today’s most common design, motion graphics, and video editing applications.

Here Adobe Illustrator 🙂 wins this competition of functionality and features.

Symbol Library

Both apps offer a cool library for symbols. One can easily create, edit and use any type of symbols. As per our observation Adobe offers a huge third party libraries for Illustrator than CorelDraw.

Here Illustrator 🙂 again gives an edge to CorelDraw.

Color Preview

Print preview in CorelDraw is not as good as in Illustrator, Illustrator being a postscript file format, it renders more accurate print preview.

So, Illustrator 🙂 is a clear winner again.

Device Compatibility

All versions of Adobe Illustrator run on PC and Mac, while it is not the case with CorelDraw and Illustrator wins here.

The winner is Adobe Illustrator :).

Apps Compatibility

We know that the most popular design apps are Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Animate, Character Animator etc. and all of such apps belong to Adobe so Illustrator is far better tool when it comes to apps compatibility. Because it has same interface and short cuts with great level of file exchange possibility than CorelDraw. Therefore, obvious winner is Adobe Illustrator again.

Winner is none other than… Adobe Illustrator 🙂 again. 


Illustrator would be a economy friendly for a company or individual who already uses other Adobe applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere etc. but in contrast CorelDraw can be an easy option for non-Adobe user (which is a rare case). Therefore, Adobe Illustrator wins here again 🙂

Result: Here match is tie so no clear winner.

Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw – which one is better?

Having looked at the above differences we can clearly say that Illustrator is better and winner here but it doesn’t mean that CorelDraw is out of the race. Both software incorporates unique features and their usage depends on entirely upon the candidate.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works”

Steve Jobs

Let’s see their comparison via google trends

This graph shows people’s interest in application and download data in different years.

With time, Both the applications have been updating its features and functions and to get better results one must understand and learn both the applications.

Let’s read a few important points to understand when to choose CorelDRAW and when to choose Adobe Illustrator.


When we want visual impressive work, photo edits (used to edit two dimensional images), logo and brochure designing according to the print media industry then CorelDRAW is a perfect solution.

CorelDRAW graphic suite 2020 include the features, must to know and explore –

  • Font manager, Photo-paint, Power trace, After shot, Comment docker and comment inspector, Annotation tools and Art style effect etc.

Adobe Illustrator –

When we want high quality illustrations, digital cartoons, print images, charts, recolor or recreate sketches of images.

Adobe illustrator include great impressive features, we should know –

  • It provides multiple artboards for different documents.
  • One more interesting feature has been introduced that automatically repairs the damaged documents.
  • We can apply as many effects such as blur, shadow, glow and still it gives fast render unlike CorelDraw gets slow. Illustrator offers a variety of brushes and we can create custom brushes as well.

Let us understand the job opportunities in industry –

These applications are the backbone of graphic designing and if we compare both the applications then Adobe Illustrator for sure topped our comparison list but both the applications are Complementary to each other and this is really important to understand.

A graphic designer works for both graphics and web based creative works so CorelDraw is somehow good when it is only related to web based design work but Adobe Illustrator is the best for print media.

Industries need a unicorn not just a chooser

One becomes a great designer when he or she has learnt all the required applications and has quality to handle them well. Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. are the hub of IT and creative companies that never entertain a person with single application knowledge rather they prefer a person with great knowledge of all the graphic design applications.

Every field and industry needs a graphic designer today because this is the soul of marketing and promotion, Illustration VS CorelDraw isn’t the requirement, it has been described here for you to understand the value of both the applications.

Understand everything and make a better choice

According to a recent market survey by ADMEC Multimedia Institute, approximate 60% of the industry uses CorelDraw software because of its smooth learning curves. Furthermore, these statistics are reflecting that finding short term employment in CorelDraw is much easier than Illustrator.

According to our team, good knowledge and command of any one of the software over the other don’t make any difference. What matters is the creative thinking and sound understanding of designs in an individual designer.

However, if an individual has good command over both Illustrator and CorelDraw software, then it will definitely allow him to earn a good remuneration package in the Graphic Designing industry.

Interested in learning Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw?

ADMEC institute provides both classroom and online training in these applications. Online Illustrator training will be conducted by professionals and with the same quality of training, CorelDraw course is also available in our institute.

Keep learning and all the best !!

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  1. Anthony Douglass

    I disagree that Illustrator is more advanced or “mature” than CorelDraw. I’ve used both professionally for years, and CorelDraw had layers and pathfinder-like functions years before Illustrator. Since the late 90s it also includes an advanced Imposition Tool (for creating complex print impositions) that Illustrator even today hasn’t got anything remotely similar to.

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