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What is Motion Graphic?

Motion graphics are graphics that use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects.

Adobe After Effects first released in 1992 from those early days Adobe After Effects was used to create titles and graphics Adobe After Effects, developed and created by Adobe Systems is composting software commonly used for creating motion graphics and visual effects These skills will make you more valuable in the industry.

Adobe After Effects is compositing software, we can create different motion graphics for e.g. presentations, intros for news & TV channels, promos for brands and films etc. We usually make presentations in Power Point, but with the help of Adobe After Effects we can make our audience shock by animating the explanations. Graphics, text, images, videos etc and presentation will be more attractive.

Similarly we create Web Advertisements, TV Product Ads, and Commercial Ads etc. to grab the attention of the audience either on TV or Internet. Product ads for e.g. mobile ads are highly in demand and Adobe After Effects produces incredible results.

It produces 3D Logos Animation whether it is for News Channel or any other Brand You can Design the logo and can animate with the tools of Adobe After Effects with the extra plug-ins like Trapcode preset you can make the logos more attractive and these presets are easy to use.

Kinetic Typography is a very famous term and more in demand when we talk about Text animation in Adobe After Effects. We can produce presentation on the basis of text or produce our text in terms of Kinetic typography. Adding text in presentation grabs the attention of viewers. We create stunning titles from Adobe After Effects to promote brands, product and services in Adobe After Effects.

Introducing of Camera and 3D in Adobe After Effects is a great achievement .without these you can think of any graphic, they are the life of Adobe After Effects.

Now days 3D is very common and mostly in demand. So Adobe After Effects can import the files of Maya, Cinema 4D, Photoshop Illustrator etc so this means you can make the artwork in 3d and can directly bring the files in Adobe After Effects this will make the work easier and faster because you don’t need to render the files can  bring it as it is.

Many times you have the scene the blast scenes in movies, serials etc or gun shots or beam lights etc or saw  in horror films that some person is sleeping and his duplicate gets up ad walk away on road (in our terms we say his/her aatma is going away). Have you ever think how this type of illusions was created? No. I can tell you. This is very-very simple these types of effects we can create in Adobe After Effects …This Software allows us to strengthen our footage and create the illusions which doesn’t exist anywhere..

If you want to see the recent examples of Motion graphics then watch Mahabharat on Star Plus the logo of this serial was made in Adobe After Effects. The Fighting of swords, blast, sudarshan chakra moving etc all these effects was created in Adobe After Effects.90% of the serial was Chroma Shoot. The artistic backgrounds we saw all this type of work created in Adobe After Effects.

Other Effects like Snowfall, rain ,lightening effects ,blur etc all are very common in After Affects You can create Freeze effect also ,which is very common too and mostly loved by the artist.

Promos, News intros or Montage of any program are always in need. In news channel for lower third, slider, header, tickers background animation, logo animation all this is created in Adobe After Effects. After Effect is not just a motion graphic software, it is also called composting software because we can compose the serials too in Adobe After Effects.

Illusions of motion are highly in demand in the form of text, images, graphics, video etc. Motion graphic artist are in demand due to their creativity in designing and creating awesome graphics which increases the audience and viewership for the company that brings profit.

So Adobe After Effects gives you the power to create visual effects and motion graphics, and these skills make the artist more valuable at work and it brings confidence and more attractiveness in your work.

Written By: Neeti Dauneria
Course: Post Production

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