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Promila Dhanderwal

Art Director and Sketching Artist

Colors fill my canvas of life. I have been working here as a senior Fine Arts faculty for the past 10 years. Movement of brushes, color palettes, sheets, markers and other stationary is what fuels my passion.  I interact with dozens of students on a daily basis and we communicate how art is making our lives a little better and more colorful.


Here at ADMEC, we understand the importance of drawing skills for a designer and thus offer not only basic sketching classes but also provide classes to cover advanced concepts like human anatomy.

For me creativity defines art and a true artist goes out of the league to create something which not looks good, but also delivers modern, unique and contemporary look. With various day to day activities, I try to inculcate observing skills in my students so they can see things with a totally new perspective.

Check out my skills to more about my expertise in the industry.


It’s been over 13 years since I have been part of this institute as a faculty for Fine Arts and sketching. I have completed my higher studies in Fine Arts and have taught over 600+ students in my career. With my vast knowledge in the art field, I brought the inner artist in my students through various activities.


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