JavaScript Master Course

Graduation Not Required
02 Months
Training Type
Classroom, Online

Learn about the golden piece that fits with all whether it is website, mobile UI, e-learning, e-content publishing through this course.

JavaScript is one of the core component of web technology and with HTML and CSS. While the latter one provide the structure to website, JavaScript is responsible for the  dynamic interactivity of the web pages.

JavaScript Master Course is one of the most efficient certificate course which will provide the necessary understanding of various crucial topics and will cover every important  technique. Our institute provide training of Object Oriented JavaScript or OOJS with practical examples, and we promise to cover each and every nuts and bolts of it completely.

  • Training from Industry Experts
  • Comprehensive Learning and training procedure
  • Industry oriented course structure
  • Projects and assessment procedure


 Language Covered Key Takeaways
  • JavaScript
  • JSON Format
  • Role of JavaScript in Web 
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Popups, Variables, and Functions
  • Functional Programming
  • Data Types in JavaScript
  • The Math, String, Number, and Boolean Objects
  • Events and their Architecture
  • Control Structures & Exception Handling
  • Conditionals and Loops
  • Expressions and Statements
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Local Storage and Session Storage
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS) Fundamentals
  • Ajax & JSON etc.


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Welcome to the beginner level course in JavaScript. This course is one of the most popular JavaScript courses our institute offers.

This course begins with all the basics and covers intermediate level concepts including ES6+ features too in very practical way. Our trainers highly focus on practical and conduct mini-tests many times while course goes on.

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Entry requirements

These programs will allow you to develop design and technical skills, learn what are some requirements to join this professional certificate course.

Candidate should have working knowledge of HTML before learning JavaScript

S/he should be familiar with latest Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

No prior experience of JavaScript is required

Who can join this course

Professionals who want to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript can join this course

Career opportunities

After completing this course you can work on all the below given profiles.

JavaScript Programmer, JavaScript Developer, DHTML Expert, Ajax Developer, JSON Expert, OOJS Professional etc.

Course structure and modules

The course is well organized with detailed explanation. This will help students in learning in-depth concepts efficiently.

Through this course, students will explore various techniques, right from script setup to advanced DOM and manipulation of HTML and CSS using JavaScript programming. We will also cover Object Oriented JavaScript or OOJS along with practical examples under this module. The course will briefly discuss the role JavaScript play in the web designing and application development industry.

We will cover topics in the most comprehensive manner. Under this course you will learn these concepts in detail:

• Introduction to Web- Why JavaScript is important & its role
• Exploring JavaScript Basics
• JavaScript Core Language Reference
• Advanced Functions
• API Integration in JavaScript
• Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS) Fundamentals
• Document Object Reference
• Projects and Tests

Learning outcomes

Once you complete the program, you will be efficient in these concepts

• JavaScript Form Validation
• Navigation Development
• E-learning Applications
• AJAX Based Applications – Image Galleries, Websites etc.
• Slideshows in JavaScript
• Image Galleries in JavaScript
• Fancy Pop-up Windows
• Theme Changer with JavaScript’s Cookies and Local Storage
• Accordion, Tabbed Panel, Go To Top features in pure JavaScript
• Shopping Cart

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